What Do I Need To Know Before I Charter A Private Jet?

What you need to know before you charter a private jet.

By Doug Gollan, May 1, 2017

While the ads may make chartering a private jet as easy as clicking on your smartphone to get an Uber car, there are some things you will want to think about before you actual start looking for the right on-demand charter broker. 

Following are some key points you will need to know before arranging a charter flight:

• What is the point of origin (city, state, country)?

• What is the destination (city, state, country)?

• Are there other locations, such as interim stops, planned during the trip?

• Are your dates/times for travel firm or do you require flexibility?

• How many passengers will be traveling?

• Do you need the aircraft to fly non-stop on all legs of the trip?

• Do you have aircraft cabin preferences or requirements?

For example:

– In-flight telephone/Internet

– Conference table for an in-flight meeting

– Non-stop capability

– Sleeping capabilities

– Lavatory

• Do you have any special needs/ requirements?

For example:

– Preference for propeller or jet aircraft

– Flight attendant services to perform safety and service functions

– Baggage and/or cargo capacity

– Meal service

– Accommodation of passengers with disabilities and/or allergies

Source: NBAA

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