LunaJets To Support World Bicycle Relief Association

By Doug Gollan, June 16, 2017

European on-demand charter broker LunaJets announced it is supporting the World Bicycle Relief Association as part of its corporate social responsibility programs. The move reflects the industry’s strong penchant for helping out and giving back. Last year, private jet owners provided over 15,000 flights for humanitarian relief reasons while 25% of business aviation pilots flew at least one humanitarian relief mission. 


LunaJets said its outreach to the World Bicycle Relief Association is an original program in the private aviation industry. According to a press release, “In developing countries, long distances often prevent poor communities from education, healthcare, and economic opportunity, since walking is often the only mean of transport. For example, the average daily walking distance for Kenyan students is around 6 km, but it can reach up to 20km for the most isolated ones. By providing bicycles, World Bicycle Relief allows for these communities to break the distance barriers. More children can have access to school, farmers and entrepreneurs can carry more goods and access further away markets, and the injured or ill can access better healthcare.”


The company continued, “As the leading private jet booking platform, LunaJets is well placed to understand the advantages a private jet’s fast mobility and range can grant, and we now offer the similar advantages of a bike, to open up new opportunities to such communities. Mobility is the engine for social and economic development. It can change the world. LunaJets donates, on behalf of all its clients, a percentage of its profit to World Bicycle Relief.”


In addition to selling private charter flights and empty legs, the broker also markets private jet tours on a per seat basis. Earlier this year it announced a program including the Antarctica by a luxury VIP-configured A340. This route has not been available, especially when flying private, till now. The trip begins in Zurich and visits Vienna, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, overflies Antarctica to Perth, Ayers Rock, Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, Samoa, and Vancouver before returning to Zurich and Vienna. Package price: 64,350 € per person with a maximum 50 participants a German speaking group and tour guide.






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