The Hawker 800XP 25-hour jet card from Magellan Jets costs $7,387 per hour

If you are in the process of buying your next jet card, Magellan Jets is giving those of you who sign on for its Hawker 800XP Membership two reasons to seal the deal: For a 25-hour membership members receive a complimentary aircraft upgrade on your first flight, and for the 50-hour membership, members receive complimentary aircraft upgrades on your first and last flights. 


The package gives first-time Hawker 800XP members the opportunity to experience upgrades to Super-Mid size aircraft. The 25-hour membership ($7,387 per hour, including Federal Excise Tax) is $184,685, while the 50-hour membership ($7,207 per hour, including FET) is $360,340.
We asked if Magellan includes the $504 fuel surcharge, and were told, “$504 is the discounted fuel rate. This is an option when creating your Bespoke Membership. If this option is not selected, the fuel rate is $672.25.”


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In terms of other policies typical to Magellan Jets’ programs, we are told the 10% roundtrip discount, eight-hour lead-time for normal reservations, and seven days for peak days, including 21 total peak days per year all apply to this offer. We like the eight hour lead time for non-peak reservations (It varies from four to 48 hours) and 21 peak days is relatively good across the over 100 programs Private Jet Card Comparisons compares (They range from 0 to 58 days, although the programs with 0 don’t guarantee availability). The seven-day lead time during peak days is on the longer side, so if you are planning to fly on those 21 Peak Days, make sure you can plan at least a week ahead.


We asked what aircraft are available for upgrades? We are told you would be put on best available aircraft based on your routing ranging from Super Mids to Heavy jets. Examples include the Citation X, Sovereign, Hawker 1000, Hawker 4000, Challenger 300, Gulfstream G200, Gulfstream G280, and Falcon 50.


Other attributes of Magellan programs include having an escrow account, although payments are non-refundable. The Super-Mid rate for a 25-hour card is $7,985, so you are looking at getting a $600 per hour value for your bonus flights, so make them as long as possible.


For further information, phone 877-550-JETS (5387) or 617-328-JETS (5387) or email


Compare over 100 jet card programs across 65 variables in 1 place by becoming a registered user of Private Jet Card Comparisons

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