Liberty Jet Launches New Website

Liberty Jet, which sells jet cards starting at $100,000, has launched a new website.

By Doug Gollan, July 31, 2017

Liberty Jet sells jet cards starting at $100,000

Private jet operator and management company Liberty Jet has launched a new website it says is “designed to make the private jet booking process more streamlined and efficient while retaining the human element of private aviation, a key part of the private flying experience.” The new site includes a private jet airport locator and a research section that allows a potential buyer to choose the right jet based on current market conditions.

According to a press release, new features for Liberty Jet users include:

  • Itinerary Builder: Helps customers identify the best airports and category of jets for any flight route, providing a more accurate understanding of flight availability and limitations than other solutions currently on the market for ease of booking.


  • Private Jet Airport Locator: Unique to Liberty Jet, this feature allows a customer to quickly find private jet airports near any location and provides essential details on each.


  • Private Jet Research: Unique to Liberty Jet, these features allow a customer to research jets, compare performance, view jets for sale and pick the right jet based on current market conditions and some rough guidelines for operating costs and performance.

“With our new site and technology, we are going one step further in using technology to enhance the private aviation experience,” says Liberty Jet’s President of Jet Membership Nathan McKelvey. “Our technology supports our advisors by providing them with real-time information such as availability and pricing to help them locate the best jets at the best price, helps ensure a consistent level of service with flight tracking and concierge technology and provides the customer with simplified booking processes such as electronic signatures.”


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Liberty Jet offers a jet card program we have yet to review. Deposit a minimum of $100,000 and you get guaranteed availability for any category of private jet at fixed hourly rates. You can replenish your account or receive a full refund of your deposit at any time. You never lose your deposit and you pay as you fly, according to the website.

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