The jet card seller is now included in Private Jet Card Comparisons analysis of over 100 jet card membership programs. Prices start at $4,300 per hour


Concord Private Jet is now included in the comparison charts of Private Jet Card Comparisons. The company, which was founded in 2007 and is based in Garden City, New York, is a broker and represents the segment of jet card sellers that are relatively small businesses, family owned and operated, with less than 10 employees, but focusing on personal service as its differentiator.


The company was founded by Neal Impellizzeri, his wife of 26 years Michelle, and his son AJ. With over 25 years servicing high net worth clients at Smith Barney and Lehman Brothers, the CEO still says it is all about old-fashioned service. “My family has been in the television and appliance business, going back over 50 years, and I learned at a very young age that the customer is  Number 1, and customer service is first and foremost.”


Compare over 100 jet card programs across 65 variables in 1 place by becoming a registered user of Private Jet Card Comparisons


The company offers four jet card products (Light Jets, Midsize Jets, Super Midsize Jets and Heavy Jets) and says its aircraft sourcing is limited to only corporately owned fleets with all its operators ARGUS Platinum or Wyvern Wingman. Jet cards are 10, 25 and 50 hours and there is guaranteed availability. The company offers to escrow advance payments and also will allow members to split payments.


Concord Private Jet Light Jet rates start at $4,300 per hour with Heavy Jet pricing at $9,950 per hour. There is a rate lock for 24 months. Taxi time is charged at only six minutes per hour, lower than the normal which is 12 minutes. Minimum flying time charged is one hour for turboprops and 1.5 hours for Light Jets. Others are two-hour minimum. We like the 15% roundtrip discount and the Concord Private Jet definition of a roundtrip – three nights or less – is generous. In terms of reservations lead times, 10 hours put Concord amidst the leaders and 72 hours for peak days is fine also. There are 58 peak days in the program and peak day surcharges can be up to 25% so you will want to look at the peak days which are listed in Private Jet Card Comparisons comparison spreadsheets for registered users.


Compare over 100 jet card programs across 65 variables in 1 place by becoming a registered user of Private Jet Card Comparisons


Concord has a current offer of two free hours for every 25 hour Jet Card for its 10th anniversary. Members also directly access the owner. “The president personally manages every Jet Card member, and flight follows each trip before during and after to make sure each trip goes off without a hitch or delay,” the company says.


You can read an Elevator Pitch from the CEO and owner of Concord Private Jet Neil Impellizzeri here.

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