Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Private Jet Card

By Doug Gollan, August 28, 2017

Jet Card Membership programs provide a variety of benefits that are making them more and more popular


Jet cards usually fall between on-demand charter and fractional ownership in the hierarchy of private aviation options. While most jet cards have a minimum of 25 hours or $100,000 of flight time, more and more there are jet cards and membership programs starting at 10 hours or $50,000.


It’s estimated 35-50% of jet card users have multiple private aviation solutions. Some of you own private jets but need a jet card for family members. Some of you fly on a corporate jet for work but need a jet card for personal trips. You might own a Light Jet but need to start flying longer missions with more people, so you buy a jet card. Many of you are just looking for an easy and efficient flight solution.

Here are the top 10 reasons to buy a jet card from Private Jet Card Comparisons:


  1. You don’t have the long-term commitment of fractional ownership


  1. You don’t have to shop each trip, reviewing different contracts with varying terms. Anytime you, a family member or friend need to go, the private flight is one phone call away. Some card sellers even will let you book online.


  1. You can rely on your jet card program’s standards for sourcing aircraft and pilots


  1. Many jet card programs provide you with guaranteed availability and rates, including during peak periods


  1. Most jet cards have one-way pricing (without ferry fees) and also provide discounts for round trips


  1. Jet card providers each have service recovery guarantees so you don’t have to worry about getting a re-quote if your original plane or crew can’t make the trip


  1. There are jet card programs for every need, be it flying regionally or around-the-world


  1. Most jet card programs have 24/7/365 day customer service and keep profiles of what you like and special needs


  1. Many jet card sellers are buying in bulk from charter operators, meaning they have purchasing clout as well as priority for accessing jets


  1. You know the rules of your program, so you know what you are getting without surprise charges and extra fees


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