BREAKING NEWS: Sentient Jet Launches Guaranteed WiFi Jet Card

Sentient’s first private jet card with guaranteed WiFi will feature select Super-Mid aircraft priced below its current Super-Mid products.

By Doug Gollan, October 18, 2017

Sentient’s first private jet card with guaranteed WiFi will feature select Super-Mid aircraft priced below its current Super-Mid products.


Sentient Jet is expected to announce tomorrow its first jet card featuring guaranteed WiFi. Private Jet Card Comparisons in August reported the company, which is part of Directional Aviation, was working on the launch of this new product. SJ25+ will be a limited-edition jet card providing guaranteed access to six popular aircraft in the Super-Mid jet category, all of which are Wi-Fi enabled. Aircraft will include the Challenger 300, Citation X, Citation Sovereign, Falcon 50EX, Falcon 2000, and Gulfstream 200. 


SJ25+ features a rate of $8,971 per hour, which includes FET, fuel, catering as well as variables such as de-icing, ferry fees and of course, WiFi. Sentient’s jet cards provide guaranteed availability and the company has an extensive safety program that governs the sourcing of operators, aircraft and pilots for its flights. Sentient’s programs do not have extra initiation fees or monthly dues. Qualifying roundtrips get a 15% discount.


The new card carries a 1.5-hour minimum and cardholders can upgrade and downgrade to different jet categories at fixed hourly rates as desired with no additional fees. Advance reservations lead-time is the same as its other cards, 10 hours, best-in-class of jet card providers that provide guaranteed availability.


SJ25+ Cardholders will have access to Sentient Jet’s lifestyle benefits program, which features offerings from luxury hotels and resorts, top destinations, and luxury and lifestyle brands. A Private Jet Card Comparisons analysis of the 60-page Sentient luxury partner brochure found approximately $35,000 in discounts and freebies, including free hotel nights and savings on jewelry and fashion.


The SJ25+ Jet Card is priced at $224,275 for 25 hours, which is particularly notable as Sentient’s two current Super-Mid cards, Preferred and Select, are priced at $249,275 and $227,050.


Through Sentient Jet’s recently launched mobile app, Sentient Jet customers can book private jet travel on-demand, as well as receive flight details, immediate assistance through a 24/7 live chat feature, and localized recommendations for exclusive benefits.


In what is a robust charter market, Sentient says it is “experiencing a record-breaking year” with volume up 10% year over year and sales up 15% year over year.


“As Sentient Jet has successfully captured a significant portion of Light and Mid-Size fliers, the innovative SJ25+ program reinforces our constant efforts to thoughtfully refine our product offerings to best suit the preferences and needs of our travelers,” says Andrew Collins, president and CEO of Sentient Jet. “By leveraging our extensive certified network of over 1,100 aircraft, we are able to provide the highest levels of flexibility and service to those within this flying segment, while also offering a number of insider experiences and perks that define the Sentient Jet experience.”


Fleet and fractional operators such as Wheels Up, NetJets, JetSuite, VistaJet and XOJET have been able to guarantee WiFi for their jet card products via having it installed in their aircraft. Delta Private Jets last year had WiFi installed on its managed fleet, however, broker card programs until now have only had WiFi as a “request item” that has to be priced separately, meaning an additional cost.

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