How To Find The Perfect Jet Card Membership Program

Compare hourly rates, pricing, fees and more than 65 variables from over 100 private jet card membership programs at Private Jet Card Comparisons.

By Doug Gollan, November 13, 2017

Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only independent buyer’s guide providing subscribers head-to-head comparisons of over 100 private jet card membership programs in easy-to-use spreadsheets. Compare hourly rates, pricing, fees and more than 65 variables


To find the right jet card program for your needs takes a bit of work. While many buyers rely on recommendations from their friends, your friends’ flying habits are probably different from yours. At the same time, you can have your assistant or finance department do some Google research. They will come back with a handful of randomly selected companies. They then have to spend time filling in request forms with providers and waiting for each jet card seller to send their information. After that, they need to take the collateral and put it into a form where you can start comparing programs which vary widely. What’s more, they will have to spend time going back to providers and asking them for information they didn’t provide. 


What are the differences in private jet card membership programs?


There are dozens of variables, starting with the hourly rate, however, that’s just the beginning. You need to find out if Federal Excise Tax (FET) is included in the rate. How much taxi time are you charged per segment? What is the minimum flight time you are charged by segment and per day? What qualifies as a roundtrip and how much of a discount can you get. Hint: Some programs have no discounts while one program offers 40% off! Is the hourly rate guaranteed? Is availability guaranteed? How far in advance do you need to call? What’s the lead time for peak days, how many peak days does the program have, and is there a peak day surcharge? Surcharges run as high as 40%. Does the program guarantee availability? Can you get a specific jet type or just a category? Where to the aircraft come from? What are the standards for sourcing the airplanes? What are the qualifications for the pilots that will fly you? What is the minimum age to send unaccompanied minors? Is WiFi guaranteed? What are the policies for bringing pets? Where is the service area? Who owns the company? Who is the CEO? How long has the company been around? Do they have an escrow account option? Are there extra fees such as CPI escalators? Do you have to pay for de-icing? What type of catering is included? On light jets, are you guaranteed fully enclosed lavatories? Some light jets have just curtains or no toilet facilities at all.


The 2017 edition of Private Jet Card Comparisons provides details on 27 providers and over 100 programs. How long would it take you to research these programs on your own? We’ve done it for you, and for $250 you get both the 2017 edition and the soon to be published 2018 edition.


Which companies sell private jet card memberships?


Air Partner, Inc.

Airstream Jets Inc.

Clay Lacy Aviation

Concord Private Jet

Delta Private Jets, Inc.



Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc.

Jet Linx Aviation

JetSet Group


Magellan Jets

NetJets / Marquis Jet

Nicholas Air

Paramount Business Jets

Private Jet Service Group (PJS Group)


Prive Jets

Sentient Jet

Silverhawk Aviation

Solairus Aviation

Star Jets International LLC

StraightLine Private Air


Wheels Up

Wholesale Jet Club



Private Jet Card Comparisons does not accept advertising and does not sell subscriber information, protecting your privacy. Our only revenue source is your subscription fees. What’s more, we save you dozens of hours of research time and make it easy to find providers who fit your needs which save you money and maximize your private aviation experience.

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