Private Jet Card Comparisons Membership price increasing to $500

The annual subscription for Private Jet Card Comparisons Membership is increasing on May 5, 2024.

By Doug Gollan, May 3, 2024

The annual Private Jet Card Comparisons Membership is increasing on May 5, 2024.

The move to $500 per year is the first price change since the buyer’s guide launched in 2017.

Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only private jet flight provider comparison website that does not sell subscriber contact data or receive affiliate or success fees from providers.

Instead, it provides consumers updated quantitative data and resources to make educated decisions.

New Features

Private Jet Card Comparisons recently added preowned fractional ownership to its comparisons.

Jet card, membership, and fractional flight provider comparisons now include over 80 providers and more than 1,000 program options.

Compare 65 Variables

The comparisons include over 65 variables that members can compare, and that impacts choice.

Members can also compare by specific companies and what’s included.

This includes the Service Area of each program, Rates, Daily and Segment Minimums, Peak Days, Peak Day Surcharges, Callouts, Cancellation Deadlines, Cancellation Fees, Aircraft Categories, and Types Offered.

Comparisons also include what’s included and what’s extra, from Pets and Catering to WiFi and Deicing.

Members can also review Rate Locks, Refund Policies, Price Escalators, Insurance Coverage, Roundtrip Discounts, Long Flight Discounts, and other vital data such as Carbon Offsets and the ability to Upgrade or Downgrade aircraft type for specific missions, plus incremental fees and restrictions.

Fractional Ownership Calculator

There is also a Fractional Ownership Calculator where users can estimate actual flying costs by changing the anticipated Residual Value of their share.

Compare Flight Pricing Head-to-Head

Providers often articulate their rates with or without various costs. QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING allows Members to compare pricing between programs on a like basis, including membership fees, the cost of their fractional share, daily access fees, daily minimums, taxi time, fuel surcharges, and the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax.

Members can also compare providers by date founded, headcount, ownership, and executive leadership.

The database is constantly updated – over 80 times so far in 2024.

Custom Analysis

Members can request a DECIDER CUSTOM ANALYSIS.

By answering a few questions, Private Jet Card Comparisons will produce a data-based analysis showing which providers and specific programs best match their needs.

Members are able schedule a one-on-one consultation to review the analysis and ask questions via email and phone support on an ongoing basis.

A GUIDE TO JET SHARING provides an overview of by-the-seat and shared private jet options.

Exclusive News Updates

Additionally, Members can quickly search the past 100 posts to catch up with news about the programs they are interested in.

PREMIUM CONTENT provides behind-the-paywall articles to save members money and help them make smarter buying decisions.

What’s more, there is a directory of leading aviation attorneys specializing in fractional, full ownership, and jet card members.

Members receive Breaking News alerts and a weekly luxury travel newsletter that includes all of the week’s private jet flight provider headlines.

Best of all, more enhancements are under development.

The price increase is scheduled for approximately May 5, 2024.

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