What Is Multiple Same Time Aircraft Access And When Does It Matter?

Multiple same time aircraft access might be an important factor when choosing the right jet card program.

By Doug Gollan, December 28, 2017

Multiple same time aircraft access might be an important factor when choosing the right jet card program.


Assuming is the enemy of finding the right jet card program for your needs. There is often an assumption from buyers, “Hey, I paid you $250,000, I feel like you should be giving me that.” And while most private jet providers will bend over backward to keep customers happy, each program is set-up with various policies and procedures, often rooted in the complicated and regulated arena of flying around tons of metal. In other words, it’s better to do some homework before you write the check.


Multiple same time aircraft access is what it sounds like. It enables the jet card member to access more than one plane at a time. It’s an important feature for companies who anticipate flying around multiple executives to different places during overlapping periods. It is also something to think about if you plan to use the company card for supplemental lift like bringing together board members for a meeting.


Multiple same time aircraft can also be important if you envision multiple family members needing to use your jet card at the same time, be it your spouse, parents or kids each flying to the vacation house at the same time, or maybe meeting each other at a family event such as a wedding. What if you need to send one of your kids to camp the same time you need to fly to a business meeting. Jet cards are popular with executives who fly the company jet, but then need a personal solution, and again, this sometimes means needing same time access to airplanes.


The good news is a significant majority of the over 100 programs analyzed by Private Jet Card Comparisons do allow you to use multiple aircraft at the same time, although some come with restrictions. Typical restrictions include Peak Days, which can extend beyond holidays to Super Bowl and The Masters. Some programs have nearly 60 Peak Days. If you anticipate needing more than one plane for holiday travel or during the Peak Days of the program you are considering, make sure that access is not restricted during those days.


We’ve also seen restrictions, such as limited access to two planes, so while that might satisfy your needs, we always recommend writing out on paper all the trips you expect to fly and who will be using your jet card. What if you, your spouse and your parents are all flying to meet each other from three different places during a holiday. You will either need to be flexible with schedules or perhaps go into the on-demand charter market. Some programs give multiple aircraft access for members at higher levels, so while it may be a company feature mentioned in marketing collateral, it may not apply to your program. Some will give multiple planes, same time access subject to availability.


The bottom line is if you think you will need to use more than one plane at the same time, make sure to compare the details of what is being offered by the programs you are considering.

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