Jet Linx Aviation Eyeing Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and San Jose

The Omaha-based aircraft management company and Jet Card seller is looking to reach the West Coast and expand its East Coast presence in 2018.

By Doug Gollan, January 16, 2018

The Omaha-based aircraft management company and Jet Card seller is looking to reach the West Coast and expand its East Coast presence in 2018


Jet Linx Aviation, which has been steadily expanding its footprint outside the Midwest with bases in Denver, Scottsdale, Atlanta and Washington D.C. is on the verge of entering a number of new, major markets its CEO Jamie Walker tells Private Jet Card Comparisons. The news comes following averaging 30% annual growth in revenue and flight hours over the past five years. The company now has over 100 aircraft under management, and it uses those planes to sell Jet Cards when they are not being used by their owners. 


“Our Jet Card business is growing at a strong and steady pace as more individuals realize the need for private aviation both in their business and leisure travel…I expect that business growth and utilization will continue to grow at 30 percent or more in 2018,” Walker says, adding, “We’re seeing tremendous opportunities for growth in 2018 and beyond and are looking to expand to new markets on the east and west coasts, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City and San Jose.”


Walker says, “The biggest trend that we are seeing is the conversion of fractional owners into whole aircraft owners under our Aircraft Management program. After experiencing the benefits of private jet travel through their respective fractional program, many businesses and individuals are transitioning to full ownership due to the cost savings and increased service experience of having their own plane and pilots. Under our Aircraft Management program, we’re able to offer our clients enough revenue to offset their cost of ownership, to a point where they can actually own their own aircraft for less than the Fractional program they were enrolled in.”


The Jet Linx jet card model is different from any others we have seen in that it doesn’t sell nationally, just in the catchment areas of the 14 markets where it currently has bases. At each base, there is a local president and team focused on that local market with hanger and maintenance for the managed private jets. There is a dedicated Jet Linx lounge for management and Jet Card customers. Because of the limited traffic, Jet Linx is able to offer personalized service such as having out in the lounge favorite beverages of customers traveling that day. There is also valet parking and delivery, and your car is detailed while you are traveling returned with heating or air conditioning running as appropriate.


Current Jet Linx locations include Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Ft. Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Nashville, Omaha, San Antonio, Scottsdale, St. Louis, Tulsa and Washington D.C.


You can read our Private Jet Card Insider report on Jet Linx Aviation here.

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