The Florida-based Jet Card seller is reducing its Heavy Jet 50-hour Jet Card program by $1,000 per hour for purchases through the end of February


If you are looking for a Heavy or Large Jet Jet Card solution, Ft. Lauderdale-based Velocity Jets is offering a 50-hour Cet Card for $456,875 and that includes 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) through February. Normal FET inclusive cost is $510,625, according to the comparison data compiled by Private Jet Card Comparisons for paid subscribers. Hourly rate, excluding FET, is reduced from $9,500 to $8,500 providing a $1,000 per hour savings. 


Co-CEO Patrick Harris tells us there are no extra fees, the peak days are the same as usual cards (see below), the service area is the continental US and 250 miles into Canada plus the Bahamas.  You can travel anywhere but if you go outside the service area there is a 50% premium. The callout is 72 hours compared to the normal 48 hours. Like its other cards, this promotional card is 100% refundable at any time for any reason, says Harris. Daily minimum is three hours compared to two hours for its normal Heavy Jet card so this offer is well targeted for those of you who want to use it for flights over 180 minutes. There are no fuel surcharges and the program comes with a flight attendant.


The Velocity programs have 38 peak days during 2018:


Jan. 2, 3
Feb. 15, 21
Mar. 27
May 27, 30
July 1, 2, 3, 4
Sep. 2, 3, 4, 5
Nov. 26, 27, 28
Dec. 24, 25, 26, 30, 31


The company is privately held and was founded in 2007. “We are not trying to be the biggest Jet Card provider, just the best. Most of our clients have been with us since inception. We are happy to provide references to qualified prospects,” says Harris. Velocity is a broker program and uses operators that have a minimum of ARGUS Gold or Wyvern Wingman. The company can be contacted directly here.




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