Surf Air Expands To On-Demand Charter, Including Private Jets

The all-you-can-fly membership program has added on-demand charter to its offerings.

By Doug Gollan, February 28, 2018

The all-you-can-fly membership program has added on-demand charter to its offerings

Surf Air is adding on-demand charter to its fly as much as you want by the seat membership programs. The new Surf Anywhere aircraft options include short, medium and long-haul planes. As an incentive to use its brokerage, Surf Air is giving charter customers a free membership for its Surf Air Escapes program, a $2,500 value. 


Surf Air has been in the news quite often over the past year as it switched CEOs, launched its European operations, launched its Surf Air Escapes program and acquired Texas-based RISE, expanding its U.S. network east beyond California and Las Vegas where is offers over 90 flights per day covering a dozen airports. Surf Air has created a popular niche by charging a monthly membership fee and then allowing members to fly as much as they want, often to smaller and more convenient airports. In all cases, Surf Air uses private aviation facilities meaning customers can show up 15 minutes before their flight. The service is popular for business travelers and even commuters who use the service to fly even daily between home and office.


Surf Anywhere short-haul options feature a mix of both turboprops, including its workhorse Pilatus PC-12s as well as options to charter King Airs and Very Light Jets such as the Eclipse Aerospace EA500. Long haul aircraft being sourced for on-demand charter include the Gulfstream IV, with a range of nearly 5,000 miles. Surf Air was founded in 2013. It does not offer Jet Cards.


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