To figure out what you will pay, there are a number of extra charges that providers don’t always include when they quote you an hourly rate


When visiting a Jet Card seller website or requesting information, for the most part, you will be quoted hourly rates. However, there is more than just the hourly rate. Here are more pricing issues that impact what you will pay and you should ask your sales rep about before buying. Or simply subscribe to Private Jet Card Comparisons at for $250 you can compare over 250 programs in one place in our easy-to-use spreadsheets. 

  1. Is the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET) included in the hourly rate and or card price?

  1. Is the price you are quoted guaranteed, or is it a sample or blend to represent what you will likely be charged?

  1. What’s the service area for your guaranteed rate?

  1. Are there any destinations subject to a surcharge?

  1. Does the initiation fee, monthly or annual dues– if any – go to flight hours?

  1. Is there a Consumer Price Index (CPI) Escalator?

  1. Are there fuel surcharges?

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