Jet Linx Named To Omaha’s Best B2B Companies List For Third Straight Year

Jet Linx Aviation offers a unique approach to Jet Cards with dedicated terminals at its 14 base locations.

By Doug Gollan, March 30, 2018

The Jet Card seller offers a unique approach with dedicated terminals at its 14 base locations


Jet Linx Omaha has been named as one of Omaha’s Best of B2B companies for the third year in a row by Omaha magazine. The award recognizes local businesses that provide the best service in their respective fields, voted on by local business owners and executives who subscribe to the bimonthly magazine. 


The publisher Todd Lemke writes in the introduction of the list, “Business owners get it – it’s a contest in which businesses recognize businesses. We feel honored to be able to showcase the very best our city has to offer.”


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“Winning this award again is such an honor. It’s a great accomplishment to receive this recognition. Our team is dedicated to providing the best-in-class service to our local Aircraft Owners and Jet Card members from start to finish,” said Ashley Allisma, Jet Linx Omaha General Manager, continuing, “Our Core Values – selflessness, dedication, enthusiasm, compassion and integrity – along with our ‘Supply the High’ mantra extend far beyond our internal teams and processes – our clients feel it too! These values truly reflect what makes us who we are as a Company.”


Jet Linx provides private aviation solutions with a local approach – with 14 executive base terminals across the country as far west as Scottsdale, Arizona and east to Washington D.C. and Atlanta. As Private Jet Card Comparisons has previously reported, the Jet Card seller and management company has its sights set on Teterboro, Westchester County Airport, Boston, Los Angeles, San Jose and Chicago.


“Since Jet Linx was founded in Omaha in 1999, we have been working on building local relationships and continuously preserving those that we have,” says Allisma. “We truly believe that our steadfast commitment to local service, safety and creating memorable experiences has led many local businesses to place their trust in us for several years – and to recognize us for this award. It’s an award that truly embodies the company and culture we have built.”


Jet Linx Omaha Base President Dan Longo says, “I was very proud to find out that we were nominated for the third time by local executives and businesses as Best Corporate Jet Service. I’m also incredibly proud of my team. They embody our company’s culture on a daily basis – from booking a client’s flight and prepping the aircraft to greeting them upon arrival. We are personal and we are local, which means a lot when you are voted as the best by the people of Omaha.”


Jet Linx offers pay as you go Jet Card programs, but instead of selling nationally only sells in cards in the catchment areas for its bases. At each base, management and card customers have access to a dedicated private terminal instead of the FBO. During a customers trip, their car is detailed and returned with either air conditioning or heating running based on weather.

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