Magellan Jets Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With 10-Hour Private Jet Cards

Magellan will sell 10th anniversary Jet Cards starting at $67,000 for a Midsize 10-hour membership program.

By Doug Gollan, April 3, 2018

Magellan will sell 10th anniversary Jet Cards starting at $67,000 for a Midsize 10-hour membership program


Founded in July 2008 by longtime friends Joshua Hebert, Anthony Tivnan and Gregory Belezerian, Boston-based Magellan Jets is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year by offering 10-hour Jet Cards for new members, available in specific windows. 


The 10-hour cards are applicable to Midsize Jets and up and include a – you guessed it – 10% discount on fuel surcharges. When will 10-hour, 10th anniversary Jet Cards be available? That’s easy, the last 10 business days of each quarter, so from June 18, September 17 and December 17 to the end of each month, respectively.


How much is a Jet Card from Magellan Jets?


The 10-hour cards begin at $67,000 with the 10% fuel discount in the Midsize category as opposed to the normal 25-hour membership that begins at $171,000 for the Mid-Jet membership.


“From day one, our intention was never to sell something, but to help our customers find the best private travel solution, even if that meant pointing them in another direction. This helped us build and maintain trust over the years,” said Hebert, the CEO in a press release.


Magellan ended 2017 with nearly 200 new customers and an 85% member retention rate capping a 36% annual growth rate for its first decade, the company said. “Magellan Jets takes pride in providing its customers solutions for life.  Whether for business, personal, college tours or IPO’s, the relationship and guidance we offer is intended to serve as a resource for all major events in a customers’ life,” added Tivnan, the president and COO.


Last year was also busy for Magellan, a broker based Jet Card program. It added a feature on its website that enables users to build their own Jet Card, adding features such as WiFi, catering and ground services. It also re-launched its program targeting corporate accounts.


Read our Jet Card Insider review of the Magellan Jets program here.

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