Fly Private Friday - Fine dining and dining fine on private jets

Private Jet Card Comparisons brings you the ultimate dining guide to the surprisingly diverse foods you will find folks enjoying on their private jets.

By Doug Gollan, June 8, 2018

Private Jet Card Comparisons brings you the ultimate dining guide to the surprisingly diverse foods you will find folks enjoying on their private jets


Before we get started with some mouthwatering, hunger-inducing food pictures, we wanted to remind you that when you subscribe to Private Jet Card Comparisons you can compare the complimentary catering options for more than 250 jet card membership programs. 


Well, first off as you can tell there’s no food in this picture, but we wanted to unapologetically give a shout out to our favorite Food Network chef Bobby Flay!

Celebrity Chefs Bobby Flay and David Stampie on Sentient Jet headed to the Kentucky Derby

@Privatejetsetter420 demonstrates nobody is going to force you to eat caviar if you buy a jet card. But, that’s one good looking prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich sir!

Private jet gourmet sandwich

Flexjet chairman Kenn Ricci shows us how to pregame with some Jumbo Shrimp Bloody Mary’s on the way to the annual Stanford vs. Notre Dame football game. We know Kenn was rooting for #GoIrish #BeatStanford so we won’t discuss the final score, but we will remind Cardinal fans that the boys from South Bend ended up #11 in both the final AP and Coaches Poll, about eight notches ahead of somebody else.

Kenn Ricci Flexjet Gulfstream G650

Leaving the beautiful beaches of Vietnam isn’t so bad when you can have a beautiful breakfast with sausage, avocado and smoked salmon. Thanks for sharing @dtincolor!

Gourmet breakfast on a private jet

@evseats we like how you order catering, especially those deserts. We hope you had a great trip to the Cayman Islands!

NetJets private jet catering lunch

Don’t wait for us Davido Adeleke a.k.a. @davidoofficial. We’re on a diet anyway!

Davido Adeleke on a private jet

We like how @thomasflohrvista the chairman of @vistajet orders catering cause we really love @nobu!

Nobu catering for VistaJet

We liked these private jet dining posts from model and style guru Cristina Bejan so much we couldn’t decide which to use, so we used both.

Roberto Rico is putting himself in contention for when we do a men’s style post. In the meantime, a little fresh fruit, herbal tea and a beautiful red rose are a great way to start the day @roberto_rico!

VistaJet private jet breakfast

When the chairman wants corn on the cob, the chairman gets corn on the cob. That’s how it works on a private jet. Try that on United Airlines, or even Emirates.

Tony Elumelu on a Dassault Falcon private jet

If you are going to start flying privately, you might as well do it the way @eliankutse is doing it. We hope to see you more – on a private jet – not easyJet by the way!

Lunch is served on a private jet

@omy2788 we agree, that’s not bad for a breakfast, we think it looks delicious. Enjoy your NetJets Gulfstream G450 and keep eating healthy! By the way, you too can fly like this with a 25-hour Marquis Jet jet card from NetJets. And don’t forget, you can compare over 250 jet card programs in one place by becoming a paid subscriber to Private Jet Card Comparisons! Now back to the food!

Breakfast on a NetJets Gulfstream G450. You can buy a 25 hour fractional jet card from NetJets

Choices, choices for @thabigtuck – Your good angel says, “Eat the fruit. It’s better for you.” Your naughty angel says, “You’re on a private jet. Eat that delicious sandwich on that buttery, flaky croissant with extra mayo.” What would we do? Probably eat both!

NetJets private jet lunch options

@cristinabejan88 it’s so hard these days to get kids to put their play things down and come in for dinner, even when they are flying on a private jet.

NetJets afternoon tea service

Hey @littrean. If you two are just going to keep staring at each other like two lovebirds, is it OK if we have those last two shrimp?

Bryant Littrean on a NetJets private jet

@vintatgecaterers_worldwide thanks for sharing @staceyfeinberg’s yummy looking post of some nicely presented catering.

Gourmet canapes on a private jet


Architect and interior designer Jose Acosta Florez has plenty of room on the tray table in front of him to enjoy his lunch while reading Vogue.

Jose Acosta Florez on a private jet

And yes, it’s perfectly fine to bring your own food too. Motivational speak @taugurson is making us hungry with his Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A. And good call on Watch Journal!

Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks on a private jet

And because if we are anything at Private Jet Card Comparisons, we are fair and balanced, we counter fast food cluck cluck by bringing you courtesy of @kedai_bucyint a beautiful Italian roasted chicken.

gourmet chicken on a private jet

Now that you’re hungry, you’re going to need a private jet, so don’t forget, you can compare catering from over 250 private jet card programs if you subscribe to Private Jet Card Comparisons right here.








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