Air Partner highlights private jets for ski vacations

By Doug Gollan, October 29, 2018

Air Partner’s jet card program has fixed-rate service areas in both the U.S. and Europe making it an ideal option for transAtlantic skiers


In its blog, Air Partner is getting into its winter groove by highlighting the benefits of flying to your ski vacations aboard a private jet. The number one benefit, according to the U.K.-based charter broker and jet card seller is, “Private jet charter affords you time.” 


If you are planning to hit the slopes in Switzerland, Air Partner points out, “The large international airport hubs, such as Geneva, become extremely congested during the winter season, both in terms of people and aviation traffic. This results in crowds and queues, and likely makes for a stressful and long journey. In addition, any delays to scheduled services, particularly due to weather, will have a knock-on effect causing disruption.”


Flying privately provides access to closer to the slopes airports such as Sion, Chambery or Annecy. The flexibility to switch airports can also save hours and even days of vacation time when weather impacts operations. Additionally, by arriving just 20 minutes before take-off means you spend more of your weekend getaway or full-on vacation where you want to be instead of suck in line at a commercial airport.


Air Partner also notes, “The flexibility of private jet charter allows you to tailor your flights to fit your plan. You can make the most of a quick ski weekend getaway by catching your flight straight after work, or you can get your family holiday off to an early start and make sure you are the first on the slopes.”


In terms of arranging everything, the company says, “Your dedicated account manager will plan every detail of your flight to your preferences – from your choice of jet to your onboard refreshments. Our 24/7 customer care service that monitors all flights means any last minute changes to your plans can be made instantly.”


In terms of disruptions, be it weather or mechanical, Air Partner’s CharterPLUS guarantee means if required the company will organize a replacement aircraft up to 150% of the value of the planned aircraft. On the other hand, its JetCard program offers fixed rates so you will know your hourly rate in advance with guaranteed availability in Europe with as little as 24 hours’ notice. Air Partner’s jet cards include de-icing costs.


The publicly traded company recently reported its financial results for the first half of its financial year.  Last December the company also launched enhanced catering for its JetCard members. You can read more about Air Partner’s jet card offerings through our Jet Card Insider report here. The Air Partner jet card program starts at just 10 hours of flight time and is refundable. You can also use your JetCard account for on-demand charter.

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