Chapman Freeborn launches first private jet membership, offset program

The U.K.-based charter broker Chapman Freeborn has debuted its first-ever private jet charter membership program.

By Doug Gollan, November 8, 2023

Chapman Freeborn has rolled out its first-ever membership program.

The U.K.-based on-demand charter broker is a subsidiary of Avia Solutions Group after its 2019 acquisition.

Longtime Air Partner executive David McCown, who was appointed President of the Americas in May 2022, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons that the new charter program will also be introduced in Europe.

Called the Chapman Freeborn Jet Membership Program requires a $100,000 deposit.

Funds never expire, and unused funds can be returned.

The new offering uses dynamic pricing, so cancelation terms and other flying policies are pass-along from the operator.

McCown says brokers source based on customer requirements from an approved list of charter operators.

Avia had over $1.1 billion in sales last year, with more than 11,500 workers.

Chapman Freeborn has over 400.

Founded in 1973, its business was built around group charters and cargo, enjoying the surge in Covid demand.

McCown says, “Experienced users of business jet travel understand that on-demand charter is the most cost-effective way to fly private, as well as to achieve the most tailored experience.”

He adds, “Private flyers are tired of paying too much for category-based cookie-cutter programs that limit their experience with black-out dates, annual usage limits, and geographic boundaries.”

Additionally, Chapman Freeborn has entered an agreement with 4Air, enabling customers to offset emissions for their flights.

Customers receive an annual report detailing emissions certificates purchased on their behalf.

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