Vista Global upgrades in-flight connectivity for its VistaJet, XO branded private jet fleets

By Doug Gollan, September 12, 2019

Collins Aviation’s LuxStream connectivity services will be fitted across Vista Global’s fleet of 116 long-range large cabin and super-midsize private jets

LuxStream promises 25 megabits per second across the US; 15 megabits per second globally

Calling it a “game-changing development for Vista Global members’ in-flight experience” and “unprecedented,” Vista Global today said it is the launch partner for LuxStream from Collins Aerospace Systems.

In a press release, Vista Global promises the partnership will “provide private aviation customers with the fastest broadband speeds available.” It called the move “a further demonstration of Vista Global bringing the latest and most innovative technology to market and driving radical technological change across the private aviation industry.”

Thomas Flohr Vista Global
Vista Global chairman Thomas Flohr has been busy, acquiring XOJET and JetSmarter, while rolling out fine dining, wine, kids and pets programming for his ultra-luxury VistaJet division.

Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman of Vista Global, said, “LuxStream marks Vista Global’s latest move to disrupt and drive forward the aviation industry. The service will completely revolutionize what it means to stay connected with the outside world during a flight, providing our customers with a level of broadband speed that matches the connectivity they expect on land.”

Private jet high-speed internet

He added, “LuxStream’s unrivaled speed puts the power of connection in our members’ hands, ensuring a seamless and smooth continuation of their business and family life whilst in the air, staying one step ahead of today’s world.”

Bombardier Global Express
First to get the new LuxStream high-speed connectivity will be 36 Bombardier Global Express private jets in the VistaJet fleet.

The LuxStream network is operated by SES, a satellite operator with over 70 satellites in two different orbits, Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO).

Passengers about the VistaJet and XOJET Aviation fleets will get 24/7 digital connectivity in-flight with the ability for simultaneous streaming of Ultra HD content and access to their full-suite of connected devices with the “highest in-flight bandwidth available” up to 25 Mbps in the United States and 15Mbps globally.

XOJET Vista Global
The XOJET Aviation fleet which serves XO brand customers will also enjoy high-speed connectivity.

LuxStream will be integrated first across the 36 Bombardier Global business jets operating under the VistaJet brand. The XO fleet is made up of over 40 super midsize Challenger 300 and Citation X private jets.

XOJET and JetSmarter

Vista Global, of course, is the Dubai-based holding company Flohr has used to acquire XOJET and more recently JetSmarter before merging the two into XO which trades at the website. As a foreign company, Vista Global can only hold a minority interest in XOJET Aviation, the Part 135 operator for the XO branded fleet.

VistaJet last year launched live in-flight programming for the children of its private jet fliers.

VistaJet which positions itself as an asset-light solution to fractional and full aircraft ownership has been aggressive in rolling out luxury services for its clients, including live in-flight programming for children, specialized gourmet dining, a wine club in the sky, personally overseen by Flohr, and pet amenities.

Pets on private jets, or at least VistaJet, get special amenities, and access to fear of flying classes.

Vista Global has also said it plans to expand the U.S.-centric XO brand internationally and appointed two new leadership executives to help the push.

Both VistaJet and XO offer jet card style membership programs, with VistaJet’s main program providing ferry charge-free service on a global basis. XO programs include both fixed rates and guaranteed availability as well as dynamic pricing. It also enables members to start and share flights.

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