Jet Linx adds Sea Island, expands concierge partnership

By Doug Gollan, October 17, 2019

In addition to expanding its network this year to Austin, Chicago, Boston, and New York City, the jet card and private jet management company is bolstering its Elevated Lifestyle program

Fast-growing Jet Linx is adding Forbes 5-star resort Sea Island in Georgia to its Elevated Lifestyle partnerships. It is also expanding its relationship with KEY Anywhere, a network of local concierge services worldwide.

In August, Jet Linx added Medjet, a provider of global air medical transport for travelers, and earlier this year it brought onboard Huffman Travel, a Virtuoso travel agency to help support travel from its aircraft owners and jet card members.

“We are thrilled to welcome Sea Island to our exclusive portfolio of Elevated Lifestyle partners and, additionally, further enhance our current relationship with KEY,” said Jamie Walker, President & CEO of Jet Linx in a press release. “Both brands are ideal partners whose shared values of exclusivity, luxury, and attention to detail, provide our Jet Card members and aircraft owners with premium services and tailor-made experiences whenever and wherever they travel.”

Jet Linx

With the addition of Sea Island, Jet Linx jet card members and aircraft owners can take advantage of exclusive benefits when staying on-property at The Cloister and The Lodge.

Jet Linx Elevated Living

KEY Anywhere offers “luxury white-glove concierge services in any location worldwide.” The company said, “Making the magnificent happen regardless of where travelers go or what they do, KEY Anywhere provides personalized attention so that every trip becomes a story to tell.”

Previously services by KEY were only offered to Jet Linx members traveling to Aspen, Austin, Hamptons, Jackson Hole, Los Angeles, Miami, Napa/Sonoma, New York City, Palm Springs, Park City, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara.

Jet Linx locations

“Our partnership with Jet Linx has been one of our most successful partnerships to date. It’s been a pleasure to not only work with the Base client services teams across the U.S. and everyone at the National Operations Center but the clients themselves,” said Erin Kotzur, Vice President of Sales for KEY. “We’ve been honored to assist clients with everything from golf club delivery to a yacht in Croatia and look forward to further inspiring their travel and helping to create memories for many more years to come via KEY Anywhere.”

This year Jet Linx has or will open bases in Austin, Boston, Chicago, and New York, and has said it will add Minneapolis in the future. Walker has also said the company intends to add locations in California and South Florida.

Unlike private aviation brokers that sell nationally or operators who cater to a nationwide audience with floating fleets, Jet Linx operates from 18 bases. At each base it manages aircraft for local private jet owners, selling jet cards to use time on the fleet when owners aren’t using their airplanes.

The result is Jet Linx offers its owners and jet card customers private terminals at each base, including valet services, free drinks, snacks, meeting facilities, and a more personal approach since jet card customers are known to the lounge staff.

Jet Linx prepares for the pilot shortage

In a busy year, Jet Linx signed a deal with Southwest Airlines earlier this year to help its flow of qualified applicants as the pilot shortage becomes more acute. Recent articles suggest some private jet owners will not be able to find pilots in the future.

Most recently, Jet Linx said it has partnered with Forbes Travel Guide to provide both training and insights into enhancing customer service. It also launched OpenSeat Exchange in July, enabling owners and jet card customers to share seats on their flights.

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