sparks a second lawsuit

By Doug Gollan, November 9, 2019

Private jet charter broker Fly Victor and its CEO Clive Jackson are the subject of a second lawsuit by Don’t Look Media and Louis Spagnuolo

As the strobe light turns. After filing a lawsuit in June seeking $30 million from U.K.-based private jet charter broker Victor and its founder Clive Jackson over the domain, Don’t Look Media, LLC (DLM), and Louis Spagnuolo have filed a second lawsuit.

This time DLM is seeking $3 million. It alleges Jackson and others of “publicly and falsely accusing it of criminal behavior, and thereby destroying its business’ reputation.”

In a press release published on PR Newswire and issued by Joshua D. Clark, counsel for plaintiff, it claimed, “The falsehoods came amidst ongoing federal court proceedings…over allegedly violating Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, Case No. 19-61555-KMW.”

Fly Victor CEO Clive Jackson
Private jet charter broker Victor is the target of a second lawsuit related to the dispute which already sparked a $30 million RICO action.

“Jackson allegedly took desperate extrajudicial measures to silence the truth, mounting a public campaign against DLM, consisting of false, misleading and/or defamatory statements made to the press,” according to the release.

It also now accuses Nelson Rocha Jr., who helped Spagnuolo broker the original deal. It alleges he “secretly flipped alliances in turncoat fashion, conspiring with Fly Victor to pressure DLM to relinquish its assets for pennies on the dollar.”

Previously, Private Jet Dot Com had made news when the web address was supposedly sold for a record $30 million, although that deal apparently never went through.

DLM then had a licensing arrangement with JetSmarter. After that ended began the alliance with Jackson and Victor which has now ended up in litigation. Today, if you go to it is a redirect to Victor’s website.

Victor and Jackson have most recently been in the news advocating a program of carbon offsets amidst Europe’s push against aviation.

In an email to Private Jet Card Comparisons, Clark added, “We believe Jackson’s actions represent desperate extrajudicial measures to silence the truth, taking on a new level of deceit by fabricating a false and deceptive defamatory statement. Jackson and fellow conspirators decided to fraudulently draft a statement by the law firm Clyde & Co., legitimizing their claims, in an attempt to defame Plaintiffs in the suit.  This behavior we believe raises many legal and ethical questions for Clyde & Co, which we intend to vigorously investigate and pursue.  My clients have suffered tremendous humiliation and disrepute and intend on vigorously pursuing justice.”

Jackson didn’t respond to our request to comment on the litigation.

You can read our previous coverage below. A written statement provided by Jackson to Private Jet Card Comparisons is apparently related to the new lawsuit.

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