Silver Air's Boeing Business Jet drops owner's restrictions

By Doug Gollan, August 30, 2020

The BBJ is now for both available for a broader variety of missions, including shorter flight and single day trips

The Boeing Business Jet is owned by motivational speaker and philanthropist Tony Robbins

Private jet charter operator Silver Air Private Jets said the Boeing Business Jet it manages for famed author and self-help guru Tony Robbins is now available without restrictions from the aircraft’s owner.

Owners of airliner-size private jets like the BBJ and even large-cabin aircraft such as Gulfstream and Global Express types typically have various restrictions on charter use. Often, they don’t like short flights on their ultra-long-range private jets. That’s because each takeoff and landing – or cycle in aviation terms – brings them closer to expensive and required maintenance checks.

Boeing Business Jet rental
Silver Air’s Boeing Business Jet is now available for charter without owner restrictions. Its famous owner happens to be self-help guru and philanthropist Tony Robbins.

“BBJs are unique among private aircraft. Executive Liners, or Bizliners, are luxurious, they provide a next level VVIP experience, and the BBJ being managed by Silver Air is special even within this exclusive category. It’s state-of-the-art, and the owner hasn’t put any restrictions on when we can charter it,” said Chuck Stumpf, Silver Air’s president of business development.

He added, “This BBJ offers flyers the ultimate in-flight experience whether you require space for your family or a working office in the sky. It’s more akin to an executive suite in a high-end hotel than a private jet.”

BBJ bedroom
The bedroom of the 18-seat Boeing Business Jet managed by Silver Air you can now charter without typical owner restrictions.

While the Palm Beach, Florida-based BBJ can fly nonstop for up to 15 hours, making it possible to make Dubai without refueling, it’s the shorter missions that may now be of more interest.

With a capacity for 18 passengers, the BBJ stretches beyond where typical large cabin aircraft top out, usually at 13 to 16 seats.

VVIP private jet charter for up to 18 passengers

Of course, that’s not the big draw. You’ll be flying in the same shell of what airlines use as a Boeing 737, typically carrying over 150 passengers.

In your configuration, there is a master bedroom with a large bed and shower with steam feature. There’s also a conference room, lounge area, and three lavatories.

The BBJ, according to Silver Air, is the first private charter with GoGo 2kU fully worldwide highspeed internet connectivity. All onboard monitors have Apple TV for streaming and Sling TV for live TV.

For dining pleasure, the galley is equipped with a wine chiller, two microwaves, oven, and De’Longhi coffee/espresso maker.

The above said, in terms of capacity, the BBJ makes an ideal choice for extended family vacations. With one aircraft you can ensure everyone can be socially distanced getting there.

Private Jet vacations

Perhaps you live in St. Louis, but you have children and grandchildren in Houston and San Antonio. Why not pick them up on your way to your family vacation? Nearby places like Los Cabos and the Bahamas or the Jackson Hole are now on the table.

Another benefit of the Silver Air BBJ is it is registered in the U.S. With its N-tail it can make domestic flights.

That could be of interest this fall is attending those sporting events that are going on and where you can gain access.

While BBJs have always been perfect for those same day tailgating trips, owners typically didn’t want those short flights. Apparently, that’s something you can now do with Silver Air’s BBJ. At least, that’s what we are told.

Each trip is priced individually with dynamic pricing, but think $12,000 to $14,000 per hour. You’ll also have to add in the cost of reposition the airplane before and after your flights. Other charges include extras like catering and so forth.

“Private charters have seen an increase in demand this summer as more travelers look to our controlled environment, and it’s no surprise that Silver Air is gaining market share at this time when customer service isn’t just about comfort, it’s about health and security,” Stumpf said.

Silver Air is has WYVERN Wingman and ARGUS Platinum ratings and is IS-BAO Stage 2 compliant.

You can get a quote for your trip here.

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