Silver Air adds airKAVE air purification system to its private jet fleet

By Doug Gollan, May 13, 2021

Silver Air Private Jets, which launched an on-fleet, off-fleet jet card last year, is adding the airKAVE air purification system across its fleet

Air purification technology airKAVE announced today that it has partnered with Silver Air Private Jets. The operator will place the portable system on every Silver Air Private Jet. Beginning this month, each flight will have at least one airKAVE portable device. They provide personal protection for passengers and crew against the COVID-19 and other airborne diseases.

“The airKAVE portables are a great addition to our entire fleet and are right in line with the high premium that we place on personal health safety for all guests and employees on all flights,” said Jason Middleton, CEO, Silver Air Private Jets.

“We are excited to partner with Silver Air Private Jets and provide their crew and passengers with an extra layer of protection against COVID-19,” said Brett Liberman, CEO of KAVE Industries. “We designed the airKAVE Portable to give the person on the go peace of mind when they travel, keeping them healthy and safe.”

Pure air

airKAVE Portable is designed to give people confidence as they go about their lives by combatting airborne diseases. Its compact size (3.3 inches wide by 1.8 inches long and 7.2 inches high) makes it ideal for enclosed spaces. It is powerful enough to cover over 100 cubic feet. It provides a stream of clean air to breathe while warding off airborne pathogens.

Launched in the United States on April 15, airKAVE Portable is a SARS-CoV-2 portable antiviral air sanitizer. It uses patented filterless Plascide plasma technology. It claims to “completely” destroy microorganisms at the molecular level. Air is pulled into an internal Plascide reactor, creating a thunderstorm of micro-lightning plasma, which sanitizes air within a fraction of a second. The company says it is “much faster” than other technologies such as UV, PCO, HEPA, Ozone, and Ionizers. It sells for $349 for one device and $599 for two devices.

Silver Air launches its first jet card program, Flight Club, last December, offering three options.

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