This pricing tool for private jet charter will change the way you fly

By Doug Gollan, October 12, 2020

Private jet charter customers now have a way to compare their flight charter quotes against jet card pricing on a flight-by-flight basis

Private jet rentals typically entail going out to two, three, or four of your favorite brokers and ask them to quote the trip.

From there, you have to take a look at each quote. Since the quotes are likely from different operators, there can be differences in terms.

Terms for private jet rentals can vary include payment, cancelation, whether or not you can bring pets, what types, and whether WiFi is included.

Then you have to consider extra charges for airport fees, catering, and so forth.

Lastly, if the operator cancels your private jet charter flight, you have to consider that the re-quote cost is often higher. On the day of departure, it can easily be 50% more than you originally paid.

On the other hand, when you buy a jet card, you know the program’s specific terms before you buy – assuming you do the research.

Most jet cards only bill you for occupied hours, so you don’t have to pay for repositioning flights. You can also find jet cards that include WiFi and deicing as well as bringing pets.

Jet cards generally also provide service recovery at their expense. In other words, your provider cancels the flight, getting you a replacement aircraft comes without added cost to you. In fact, it’s not unusual for your jet card provider to offer compensation.

Private Jet Charter vs. Jet Cards

But, which option will give you a lower price?

The answer is it varies.

Now with the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING tool, you can compare your on-demand private jet charter quotes to jet card options in seconds.

The jet card pricing includes all variables, including daily minimums, joining fees, fuel surcharges, peak day fees, and other fine-print charges.

For the strategic flyer who uses private jet charter, you can now figure out if it makes sense to use a jet card – and which providers are the best fits for your trips.

Jet card booking and cancelation windows can be as short as 10 hours – or less – although they typically run 24 to 48 hours.

Access to the pricing tool is just $250 for a 12-month subscription and includes access to Private Jet Card Comparisons BEST CHARTER BROKERS GUIDE.

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