JetSuite is flying again as Superior Air Charter

By Doug Gollan, November 30, 2020

With three Embraer Phenom 100s, JetSuite had told the bankruptcy court it intended to restart operations, and it may just have done that

It looks like JetSuite is getting ready to relaunch operations, if it hasn’t already.

A website with the URL, was created on Oct. 16 and used the same syntax as an updated message on the website. Perhaps coincidentally, JetSuite received $6.5 million in CARES Act payroll support funds on the same date.

On the JetSuite website, there is s a notice, “This website is no longer active.” The following message reads, “We have recently restructured and have resumed operations and are now conducting charter operations as Superior Air Charter. To inquire about chartering a flight, please contact”

Is JetSuite’s new name Superior Air Charter?

At the new Superior Air Charter website, it simply says, “Superior Air Charter….Flying again soon.”

A link to a “careers” page goes to a recruiting website. No open positions are listed; however, the employer is listed as Superior Air Charter, LLC, the corporate name of the JetSuite brand.

Superior Air Charter
Superior Air Charter, which previously marketed itself under JetSuite, registered a website using its corporate name on Oct. 16. A message on the former JetSuite website reads it has “resumed operations and are now conducting charter operations as Superior Air Charter.”

On the old JetSuite website, there is a message, “If you’re looking for information about JSX or to book a seat via JSX,” with a link to its sister company.

According to FlightAware, of the three Embraer Phenom 100s believed to still be in the Superior Air Charter fleet, two have been on the move in recent weeks.

After flying from Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles to John Wayne Airport in Orange County on Sept 24, N581JS (below) flew to Dallas Love Field on Sept. 25. On Nov. 14, it flew from Dallas to Tulsa at 8:55 am before returning at 6:45 pm.

JetSuite – Superior Air Charter Phenom 100 registered N581JS

Superior Air Charter JetSuite

On Nov. 17, N583JS flew from Van Nuys to Love Field. The 1,084 nautical mile flight is at the edge of the Phenom 100’s range, indicating it may have been a repositioning flight or had a light payload of passengers and baggage.

JetSuite – Superior Air Charter Phenom 100 registered N583JS

N583JS JetSuite Superior Air Charter

The third Phenom 100, N574JS, doesn’t show any definitive flight activity.

In its reorganization plan, the former JetSuite said it expected to work through charter brokers when it restarted operations.

Before grounding its fleet and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April, the company also operated Phenom 300s.

The relatively quick restart is likely to rub its former SuiteKey customers the wrong way. From its reorganization plan, the nearly 900 jet card members were offered cash payouts or flight credits on JSX. Amounts are pegged at between three and 15 cents on the dollar. Members lost $50 million in unused flight credits.

JSX offers seats on scheduled flights between private terminals using reconfigured regional jets with 30 seats. Its network spans the West Coast and includes Phoenix and Las Vegas. Recently, it added flights between Houston and Dallas.

The SuiteKey jet card customers paid to charter the entire aircraft – the Phenom 300s and Phenom 100s – setting their own schedules.

In terms of valuing its current fleet, Controller magazine lists 17 of the very light jets for sale. Asking prices range from $1.35 million to $1.86 million.

JetSuite and JSX CARES Act Payroll Support Program Payments

In terms of the $6.5 million Superior Air Charter received from the government, the amount was based on its payroll expenses from April 2019 through September 2019, a period when JetSuite had around 100 employees. It is believed there are only a handful of employees now. Delux Public Charter, the corporate name for JSX, received $9.2 million in May.

JetSuite did not respond when asked to comment about its restart plans.

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