By-the-seat semiprivate jet operator JSX (formerly JetSuiteX) is adding flights to Salt Lake City from Burbank and Las Vegas

JSX, the former JetSuiteX, is adding flights from Burbank and Las Vegas to Salt Lake City. The new route follows the addition of flights between Dallas and Houston.

Weekly seasonal flights between Burbank and Salt Lake City run through March, with fares starting at $199. Weekly flights between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City start at $179.

JSX recently started another seasonal route in Texas from Dallas and Houston to Lajitas, a luxury golf resort in the southwestern part of the state, near the Mexican border.

The operator used regional jets in two executive configurations. Texas flights offer 1×1 seating while other services have 1×2 seating with extra legroom to 36 inches, about the same as domestic first class.

The benefit of JSX is it operates from its own private terminals, so you avoid large and crowded airport terminals.

Additionally, JSX serves Orange County, Oakland, and Concord airports in California, Reno-Tahoe, and Phoenix.

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