Jets dot com is Wyvern's first certified broker in North America

By Doug Gollan, May 6, 2021

Jet card and on-demand charter broker has become only the second Wyvern Certified Broker

Jets dot com has become Wyvern’s first Certified Broker in North America and only the second broker to achieve certification. Flapper in Brazil was the first. To achieve certification, the New York-based on-demand charter and jet card broker underwent a virtual audit.

The audit assesses that the charter broker’s policies, processes, and procedures conform to Wyvern’s standards. Brokers are vetted by a professional, internationally accredited aviation safety auditor.

“Wyvern conducted a safety audit to review our policies, processes, and procedures to comply with their ethical code and standards. They asked detailed questions on how operates and how we ensure safety for each flight,” said Desirae Pellegrino, director of compliance at the jet card seller.

She continued, “We had to present them with our current policy and procedures manual, which they reviewed and made sure our safety standards aligned with theirs.”

Pellegrino said Jets dot com decided to apply for the Wyvern certification to demonstrate how “committed we are to the safety of our clients.”

She added, “ already had our Assure Aviation Safety System in place, our own proprietary safety program. We want our clients to know we place safety above all as our top priority. It is important to us as continues to grow and expand, for us stand out amongst the crowd, making clients know safety should never be their concern.” expansion

Jets recently acquired a controlling interest in Part 135 charter operator Pittsburgh Jet Center. It plans to double the managed fleet of private jets.’s jet cards start at 20 hours, and including deicing in the published hourly rate. It sells by category – light, midsize, super-midsize, and large cabin, and includes the Caribbean in its fixed-rate service area.

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