Some Magellan Jets pay-as-you-go rates are decreasing

By Doug Gollan, May 27, 2021

As of June 1, Magellan Jets is rolling out new pricing for its pay-as-you-go memberships, and some prices are coming down

Boston-based jet card broker Magellan Jets is revising hourly rates for its pay-as-you-go memberships, effective June 1. And while the majority of prices are going up, some are decreasing.

Increases range from 0.75% for large-cabin jets to 3.35% for light jets in its Explorer membership. The joining cost is $8,500. Aircraft are manufactured in 2000 or later, and call-out is 25 hours non-peak.

Its Premium membership offers a 12 hours non-peak call-out, guaranteed WiFi on midsize jets and above, and aircraft manufactured in 2007 or later. Joining costs $14,500. Super-midsize rates are increasing 0.93%, and light jets go up 2.79%. However, midsize hourly rates go down 5.26%, while large-cabin jets drop 4.72%.

“The increases and decreases reflect what we pay to our preferred partner network. When our cost goes down, we pass along the savings to our customers,” says Anthony Tivnan, president of Magellan.

Magellan Jets Pay-As-You-Go Membership Pricing

Hourly Rates 
as of July 1 

(in dollars)
Hourly Rates

(in dollars)
Change in
Hourly Rates

(in dollars)
Change in
Hourly Rates

Premium ($14,500 per year)
Light Jet             6,200           6,032             1682.79%
Midsize Jet             7,650           8,075           (425)-5.26%
Super Midsize Jet           10,500         10,403               970.93%
Large Cabin Jet           13,400         14,064           (664)-4.72%
Explorer ($8,500 per year)
Light Jet             5,300           5,128             1723.35%
Midsize Jet             7,000           6,831             1692.47%
Super Midsize Jet             8,900           8,753             1471.68%
Large Cabin Jet           12,300         12,209               910.75%
Source: Magellan Jets

He says customers are sometimes surprised to see decreases when they are renewing and call to make sure the pricing is correct. It is!

The company also is rebranding its entry-level offer under the Explorer label.

Last month, Magellan revamped its jet card line-up, swapping out the Hawker 400XP for Citation CJ3/CJ4 and the Falcon 2000 for the Challenger 605/604.

An analysis of jet card pricing from Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of more than 50 North American providers shows jet card hourly rates increased 5.8% to 8.7% from December 2020 through May. However, compared to December 2019, rates are down in all categories, except light jets and turboprops, which are still up less than 1%.

Earlier this month, NetJets said it is raising jet card rates 2% to 8% in July.

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