As private jet arrivals to the Caribbean surge, here are the winners and losers

By Doug Gollan, June 24, 2021

Private jet arrivals to the Caribbean are up 53% in June compared to 2019 and 1% ahead of pre-pandemic levels year-to-date with the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Turks & Caicos the big winners

Caribbean private aviation arrivals to the Caribbean are up 53% in June, compared to 2019, according to WingX. And year-to-date – through June 1, the region’s private jet numbers are 1% ahead of the pre-pandemic results of two years ago. With the average private jet flight bringing over $80,000 in spending, these arrivals are critical for the local economies. However, the results by country vary widely.

The biggest winner in terms of international arrivals is the Bahamas, with 19,081 flights in 2021. That’s an increase of 7.3%. Regarding percentage gain, Turks & Caicos’ private aviation arrivals are up 41.1% year-to-date compared to 2019. So far, it has seen 2,757 arrivals for the year through June 21.

The biggest loser among the top destinations appears to be Barbados, with private jet arrivals down 42.1% compared to 2019. While Puerto Rico saw the second most arrivals – 4,667 – those numbers are 7.7% below pre-Covid levels two years ago.

Private Aviation International Arrivals to the Caribbean (2021 to 2019 YTD)

Arrival CountryFlights
(Jan 1. – June 21, 2021)
Change %
(2021 vs. 2019)
1. the Bahamas19,0817.3%
2. Puerto Rico4,667(7.7%)
3. Dominican Republic3,70823.3%
4. Costa Rica3,52014.5%
5. St. Barts2,935(13.0%)
6. Turks and Caicos2,75741.1%
7. St. Maarten2,595(28.0%)
8. U.S. Virgin Islands1,84317.0%
9. Antigua and Barbuda1,21918.6%
10. Jamaica9102.8%
11. Guatemala8368.3%
12. Guadeloupe73818.6%
13. Saint Martin69715.2%
14. Anguilla619(9.1%)
15. Barbados525(42.1%)
Source: WingX

Behind the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic saw the third most private aviation arrivals (3,708 arrivals), followed by Costa Rica (3,520), St. Barts (2,935), Turks and Caicos (2,757), St. Maarten (2,595), U.S. Virgin Islands (1,843), Antigua and Barbuda (1,219), Jamaica (910), Guatemala (836), Guadeloupe (738), Stain Martin (697), Anguilla (619), and Barbados (525).

Following the 41.1% surge in arrivals for Turks, compared to 2019 year-to-date, Dominican Republic arrivals are up 23.3%, while Antigua and Guadeloupe posted 18.6% gains. U.S. Virgin Islands private air arrivals are 17% ahead of 2019 numbers.

Barbados was the biggest loser, with private flights dropping 41.1%. St. Maarten (28.0%) and St. Barts (13.0%) both saw double-digit drops.

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