August private aviation activity in second-home and resort markets was more than 75% above 2019 levels with large increases across the board

In August, Bandon Dunes in Oregon saw an average of 42 private jet flights a day. That’s a 75% increase compared to 2019. To the south, Napa private flights spiked 77%. Neither were close to Aspen, where private flights were up 111% last month over pre-pandemic totals. On the East Coast, Westhampton Francis S. Gabreski Airport saw a whopping 125% more flights last month than two years ago.

The latest data from the charter payment provider Tuvoli shows a continued surge in private jet usage to second-home and resort markets.

Private Jet Flight Activity For Resort and Second-Home Airports

August vs. 2019
YTD vs. 2019
Aspen (KASE)+ 111%+ 33%
Bandon Dunes (KOTH)+ 75%+ 22%
Ft. Lauderdale Exec. (KFXE)0%+ 20%
Jackson Hole (KJAC)+61% + 47%
Martha’s Vineyard (KMVY)– 8%+ 16%
Miami – Opa Locka (KOPF)+ 26%+ 52%
Nantucket (KACK)+ 5%+ 8%
Napa (KAPC)+ 77%+ 16%
Naples (KAPF)+ 33%+ 39%
Scottsdale (KSDL)+ 28%+ 22%
Vail – Eagle (KEGE)+ 45%+ 33%
Westhampton (KFOK)+ 125%+ 74%
West Palm Beach (KPBI)+ 7%+ 41%
Source: Tuvoli

Vail Eagle, where private jet flights are up 33% year-to-date compared to 2019, saw a 45% August jump.

While Scottsdale, one of the nation’s busiest private jet airports, is not considered a summer destination, August flights were up 28%, ahead of its full-year increase compared to 2019 of 22%.

Jackson Hole saw a 61% increase in private flights in August, Naples, Florida was up 33%, and Miami Opa-Locka Airport saw a 26% gain, although that was below its 52% surge year-to-day.

Several airports saw private flights cool off a bit. Palm Beach flights were up 7% compared to a 41% year-to-date trend. Nantucket saw a 5% increase, while Martha’s Vineyard saw an 8.2% decline.

The surge has also meant hiccups for private jet flyers.

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