Outlier Jets reworks daily minimums to accommodate short-leg flyers

By Doug Gollan, September 22, 2021

Naples, Florida-based jet card broker Outlier Jets is offering light-jet flyers two short-leg waivers

Outlier Jets is joining the dozens of jet card providers tweaking policies and adapting to the changes in supply as demand for private jet flying continues at a record pace.

Earlier this year Outlier had put its lower-priced Select card by invitation. In other words, your flying had to qualify for the lower rates.

After having made some increases to its daily minimums, Outlier is now providing a waiver for short legs.

The new daily minimum for light jets is 90 minutes. It’s billed as 78 minutes of flight time, plus 12 minutes of taxi time. However, light jet flyers get their first two short-legs billed at 60 minutes, plus taxi time.

Minimums for midsize jets and up are now one hour, 48 minute minutes, plus 12 minutes taxi time. That converts to 1.8 hours flight time and 0.2 hours taxi time, so two hours either way.

Outlier also increased non-peak call-out from 10 to 24 hours joining a number of other providers. Of the over 50 jet card providers with fixed rates and guaranteed availability in North America, the average minimum booking window increased to 42.96 hours from 28.7 hours between August and this month.

In another move, Outlier now has only one light jet offering. It’s maintaining its Elite and Select tiers for midsize and up. Elite jets are guaranteed to be post-2000 and the company says average six years old.

While fixed jet card prices increased 2.0% month-over-month, jet card rates were still lower than on-demand charter in 25 of 30 scenarios in our analysis of one-way pricing.

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