Flexjet, PrivateFly say European private jet demand soaring

By Doug Gollan, October 1, 2021

Directional Aviation’s European private aviation providers – Flexjet and PrivateFly – say flight volume is spiking in what’s traditionally a slow period

There has been no September dropoff for either Flexjet or PrivateFly in Europe.

While private jet flights typically trail off after the summer, the two units of Directional Aviation are mirroring data from WingX reported earlier today.

Flexjet, which sells fractional shares and jet cards in Europe, operated 53% more flights in September than August. There are robust bookings for October.

PrivateFly, which offers jet cards and on-demand charter, is seeing a similar trajectory, according to the pair’s top executive.

“We are currently experiencing exceptionally strong demand, with the appetite for personal travel not yet sated after a later start to summer due to restrictions, and now business flying is also taking off alongside,” says European managing director Marine Eugene.

She continues, “Many of our Flexjet owners and PrivateFly clients are starting to fly for business again, and we are witnessing a release of pent-up demand for in-person meetings. We have senior executives and entrepreneurs in sectors such as finance and technology, booking multiple itineraries to see investment targets or make site visits.”

Paris, Zurich, Munich, and Amsterdam have climbed back onto their list of top European destinations.

Eugene observes, “Stronger demand than supply is also driving a market shift as price increases are encouraging customers to seek the guaranteed hourly rates and availability that come with subscription models such as shared ownership, memberships, and jet cards.”

Earlier today, Directional’s Sentient Jet said it was putting a temporary pause on accepting new jet card customers. That follows a similar move last month by NetJets. In the U.S. providers are struggling with supply chain issues against record demand.

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