VistaJet launches surprise family reunions

By Doug Gollan, October 6, 2021

To bring family and friends together, global private jet charter operator VistaJet and Sharky & George launch The Surprise Reunion

VistaJet is partnering with event planners Sharky & George to launch the antidote for a year-and-a-half of Covid-19 induced separation.

Part of its Adventures in the Sky program for families, this custom-designed trip brings friends and families together from any corner of the world utilizing the charter operator’s worldwide fleet.

The venue is your choice – from a little-known sandy island in the Pacific Ocean or a mountain with untouched snow in the Alps or Rockies, Sharky & George will tease your imagination.

Prior to each journey, exciting and mysterious packages, including trip itineraries and challenge instructions, are delivered at each guest’s door.

Perhaps an ancient map parchment, a set of engraved coins, or a cryptic message, each will be different from the next — and in some cases, delivered by unexpected characters.

From there, VistaJet will ensure seamless travel by private jet from anywhere in the world to your reunion destination – and back.

The Surprise Reunion flights are remarkable, too. As friends and family may be flying simultaneously on separate VistaJet aircraft, all in-flight activities and challenges will share a common theme to create an atmosphere of togetherness leading up to the reunion.

“This past year has shown us that spending time with family and friends is what really matters. We assessed how to better serve our members and imagined a reunion with loved ones of all ages, commencing at 45,000ft in the sky,” says Matteo Atti, VIstaJet’s EVP of marketing and innovation.

He adds, “After more than a year of missed milestones and holiday gatherings, our hope is that this will give families and friends something exciting to look forward to, encouraging them to spend time together, exploring new places, creating new traditions, and celebrating every moment big and small.”

Family Reunion by Private Jet

Possible itineraries include:

The Ultimate Quest: Imagine the world’s most elaborate treasure hunt that starts at home and culminates on a private island. Hidden maps and cryptic clues will be found along the way. Interact with characters who are not what they initially seem. Expect boat chases, drone delivery of intel, femmes fatales, buried chests, and high-tech spy equipment.

Adventure Race Across the Globe: Perfect for family and friends with a competitive streak. Teams are allocated one month before the VistaJet flights and are evenly split between ages, ability, and geography. As soon as race packs are delivered, players will have time to collaborate on tactics and game plans. Arrive at a beautiful mountain chalet surrounded by pristine powder. Your group receives a set of photos, videos, and physical challenges to kick off a week-long adventure. Paramotor over the peaks, tracking chamois, marmot, or elk with a local biologist, and dog sled to dinner.

Immersive Historical Experience: Travel back in time to Ancient Greece. Everyone will convene aboard a superyacht for two weeks in the Peloponnese. You’re embarking on a modern take on the 12 Labors of Hercules. Clues and challenges will be woven into the most unusual activities imaginable. Go cave diving to capture Hydra from the bed of the sea. Recover golden apples from the top of Mount Olympus in a climb to Greece’s highest peak.

VistaJet Adventures

If you are wondering if this is for real, for VistaJet it’s par for the course. Just recently it trained its cabin attendants to cater to pets that are fearful flyers.

In 2018, it launched Allice in Wonderland-themed flights with characters in costume entertaining your scions.

Last year it expanded its custom collaborations with several dozen top travel designers and advisors.

It’s currently adding 22 super-midsize Challenger 350s and Global 7500s to its fleet of luxury jets.

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