VistaJet Q3 up 35%, adds new luxury Private World private jet trips

By Doug Gollan, December 14, 2021

As demand for private jet flights increases, VistaJet is adding new luxury itineraries to its Private World line-up

VistaJet says it flew over 9,000 flights in the third quarter of 2021. That’s an increase of 35% against last year and up 19% on pre-pandemic figures. There has also been an increase in more friends and family travel. Plus, flights are longer.

Recent non-stops include St. Maarten to Seychelles, with14 hours 45 minutes flight time and Honolulu to Helsinki at 13 hours 30 minutes.


The flights were all aboard VistaJet’s fleet of six new Bombardier Global 7500 jets. They offer a range of 7,700 nautical miles. The company says that the fast, long-range aircraft private jet is opening up a new world of long-haul private flying.

To back up these trends, VistaJet is continuing its partnerships with a network of world-leading travel experts and properties. New offers feature Pelorus, Kisawa, Eyos, Guest, Wilderness Safaris, and Based On A True Story.

VistaJet new Private World 2020 luxury trips

A family treasure hunt by submarine — the Bahamas with PELORUS

Dive to the depths of the Great Bahama Bank — an idyllic area of the Caribbean more than 65 million years old, characterized by its stunning coral reefs and marine life.

VistaJet Bahamas

VistaJet Members can get up close and partake in conservation efforts, researching sharks, whales, and other marine life as they explore aboard a submarine. Younger guests can race to find pirate treasures in this fun and educational adventure.

The adventure includes a classic sailing yacht, offering a mix of comfortable luxury.

Conservation and exploring the Altai — Mongolia with Based On A True Story

Explore this extreme, nomadic, and bewildering Mongolia. Travel through its vast expanses of untouched rolling hills, the striking Lake Khövsgöl, and the Tsaatan reindeer herders. Discover the remarkable landscapes, spending nights with nomads sleeping in traditional ger tents, redesigned to include all the modern luxuries.

VistaJet Mongolia

VistaJet Members are welcomed to the majestic, glaciated Altai Mountains, home to the iconic Kazakh eagle hunters, getting to know their hosts, riding on horseback with them as they hunt, learning how the young birds are trained, watching games such as ‘kukhbar’, and getting an incredible first-hand insight into this vanishing way of life.

Next, they can work with local researchers and conservationists to track the rare and endangered Mongolian snow leopard. You will assist field experts in setting up camera traps, tagging satellite tracking collars, and learning how local communities and conservationists are working together to safeguard these precious cats.

Other highlights include traditional music with local musicians, an impromptu ‘dombra’ concert, a Naadam festival, and Mongolian archery; climbing to the top of the Khongoryn Els dunes in the Gobi Desert; and a camel ride to the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag, the world’s largest dinosaur graveyard.

The land of superlatives — Greenland with EYOS

The earth’s largest island is also the least densely populated country. It contains the world’s largest and most northernly national park.

VistaJet Greenland

The longest fjord in the world is East Greenland’s Scoresby Sund (Kangertittivaq), a labyrinth of wilderness over 200 miles long. Close to 90% of Greenlanders are ethnically Inuit. It is the highest proportion by far in any of the Arctic countries.

VistaJet Members can embark on this journey of discovery by expedition yacht aboard the Nansen Explorer. With Nansen’s helicopter capabilities, guests can enjoy hours of skiing Greenland’s untracked slopes. Tenders and zodiacs allow for remote landings and remarkably close interactions with wildlife while being respectful. Paddleboards and kayaks allow up-close access to glaciers and natural floating ice and snow sculptures.

Reconnecting to nature through wellness — Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique
with Kisawa

Immerse into sunrise yoga and meditation on the dunes of Kisawa Sanctuary — a luxury island property nestled within 300 hectares of pristine coastal beachfront in Mozambique.

A team of dedicated chefs will prepare breakfast under the canopy, using fresh, organic produce from the Sanctuary’s wild permaculture garden, overlooking the inland Crocodile Lake.

VistaJet flyers can continue to enjoy a day of specialized wellness rituals, including a Japanese infra-red sauna and Ayurvedic massage at the dedicated Natural Wellness Center. To give thanks to nature, finish the day with beach “glamping” at Ponta Mustita, enjoying an open fire and lantern-lit shoreline.

A desert adventure — Namibia with Wilderness Safaris

Explore extreme landscapes, accompanied by revered scientist and conservationist Dr. Conrad Brain. VistaJet Members will start at the desert retreat, Little Kulala, enjoying nature walks and eco-sensitive quad biking through the famous Sossusvlei Desert before taking in spectacular views over the dunes from a hot air balloon.

Next, guests will venture to Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, where they will see an unexpected wealth of desert-adapted wildlife, including elephants and giraffes, as well as the Skeleton Coast. On this UNESCO World Heritage site, the desert meets the sea and is home to Cape fur seals in their thousands, along with carnivores like the inscrutable brown hyaena.

The last stop is Serra Cafema — set under towering trees along the Kunene River. It is one of the most remote camps in southern Africa. The highlights include respectful interaction with neighboring semi-nomadic Himba villagers boating and guided explorations into the surrounding desert.

Cut your own album — Jamaica with GUEST

There is a secluded yet delightful corner of a tropical Caribbean island, one with unique energy and positive vibration that has given rise to and nurtured some of the greatest musical artists of our times.

VistaJet Members can dial into this musical powerhouse while transforming their creative dreams into the reality of their album with local or internationally renowned producers and musical artists in support.

You’ll stay at Panorama, a contemporary villa set on a half-acre of landscaped gardens.

A 360-degree view of the mountains, the Caribbean Sea, and a surrounding palette of lush vegetation provide idyllic creative conditions with this Jamaican Eden as the ultimate backdrop.

In addition to Private World, VistaJet has programming around wine, pets, and experiences for your kids.

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