Jet Edge will debut a guaranteed availability jet card starting at 75 hours on Challenger 300/350s, 605/650s, and Gulfstream GIVSP/450s

According to several subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons, fast-growing Jet Edge is launching its first guaranteed availability jet card membership later this week.

The subscribers say Jet Edge salespeople have been calling since this morning, teasing the launch.

The salespeople are saying current Reserve members will be given the first option to buy into the program.

While the company has yet to provide specifics, subscribers say they are being offered a non-peak call-out of 24 hours.

They say there will be three programs focused around the super-midsize Challenger 300/350 fleet, the large cabin Challenger 605/650, and the Gulfstream GIVSP/G450.

It’s not clear if a limited number of jet cards are available, although the minimum commitment is 75 hours annually.

More information is expected over the next few days.

Jet Edge has been adding features since launching Reserve last year with dynamic pricing. It now offers capped cross-country pricing fixed hourly rates, including Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

However, the program has been as available.

Jet Edge has been expanding with $265 million from KKR. It is the 8th largest operator in North America based on charter and fractional flight hours.

Officials from Jet Edge declined to comment, except to confirm that a guaranteed availability program is coming.

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