Wheels Up expands long-flight discount program nationwide

By Doug Gollan, March 14, 2022

Wheels Up moves from zones to capped super-midsize pricing starting at $29,995 on all flights 3.5 hours or more in the Continental U.S.

Private jet membership provider Wheels Up is expanding its super-midsize discount program. It now includes all flights within the Continental U.S. of 3.5 hours or more. The lower prices apply to Core and Business members and will cut flight costs on a variety of routes from places like New Orleans, Nashville, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, and St. Louis to the West Coast.

Previously, the reduced private jet flight prices only applied to flights between Atlantic Coast states, Vermont, and select Western states.

Now, flights like Nashville to Seattle, Detroit to San Diego, and New Orleans to San Francisco will be discounted.

Wheels Up has expanded its long-flight discount program. Who’s eligible? Where can you fly? How much does it cost? Have the prices changed?  Private Jet Card Comparisons on YouTube gives you the answers.

Lower prices for Wheels Up members are now based on flight length.

Super midsize flights 3.5-to-4.4 hours will now be priced at $29,995, plus fuel surcharge based on actual flight time, plus Federal Excise Tax. Flights 4.5 hours or longer will be $34,995, plus fuel surcharge based on actual flight time, plus FET.

The current fuel surcharge on super mids is $795 per hour.

The cheaper private jet flights are guaranteed with seven days’ notice for Core members who deposit at least $200,000. The number of eligible days varies by deposit amount. Lower tier Core and Connect members get the discounted long-flight rates as available.

Wheels Up first added the long-flight discounts after acquiring Mountain Aviation and its Citation X super-midsize fleet last year.

The move comes as several other players have pared back or dropped long-flight and transcontinental discount programs.

At the same time, Wheels Up prices for coast-to-coast flights, at least westbound, will increase by $5,000.

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