Vista Global closes on Jet Edge, Air Hamburg acquisitions

Thomas Flohr has officially added Jet Edge and Air Hamburg to VistaJet, XOJet, XO, Talon Air, Red Wing Aviation, and Apollo Jets.

By Doug Gollan, June 16, 2022

Vista Global has closed its acquisitions of Air Hamburg and Jet Edge, the company said. It adds over 100 aircraft and brings the Vista Global combined fleet to over 350 private jets.

Sealing up the acquisitions puts and exclamation mark on Vista Founder and Chairman Thomas Flohr’s global expansion. It has made Vista Global a top player in the critical U.S. market.

Vista Global acquisitions

Since buying XOJet in September 2018, Vista has acquired JetSmarter, Red Wing Aviation, Talon Air, Apollo Jets, and now Air Hamburg and Jet Edge.

At the same time, it has been bulking up by buying new and used aircraft. It is also refurbishing the XOJet and Red Wing fleets. It now operates the world’s largest fleet of Bombardier Global 7500s.

According to Argus TraqPak, Vista Global operators clocked 96,200 flight hours in 2021, ranking it fourth in North America.

Jet Edge adds 40,704 flight hours, bringing it closer to third-place Wheels Up. NetJets, Inc. holds the top spot, followed by Directional’s Flexjet.

Flohr said, “The growth of Vista is supported and enhanced every day by the team’s relentless dedication and commitment to our clients. It is with great pleasure we welcome the Jet Edge team, which is aligned with our vision, to continue delivering our unique services across a much larger fleet to a much growing global subscription client base. All clients can now enjoy an even larger network that guarantees reliability, flexibility, safety, consistency, and superior in-cabin experience — in a way that no other private aviation company can offer.”

Bill Papariella, CEO of Jet Edge, added, “I am excited about the future together with Vista. The sustained growth and stability of Vista across an industry that is highly fragmented places us in the best position to service clients. With the exponential demand the market is experiencing, we understand the value this acquisition will bring to all clients — offering seamless, transparent and consistent service, thanks to industry-leading technology, the most coveted global fleet, and the personal expertise of everyone on the team.”

Jet Edge Reserve

As of today, Jet Edge is still selling its as available Reserve jet card program, according to several subscribers. However, they say they are also being pitched on VistaJet’s Program. The Program requires 50 hours per year and a three-year commitment.

The Jet Edge Reserve program offers deposit levels of $100,000, $250,000, and $500,000. There are fixed hourly rates, including discounts for longer flights.

VistaJet, XO, Jet Edge program changes

So far, there are no apparent changes to XO’s membership programs, including its fixed-rate Elite Access program.

Vista Global executives had previously said would look at synergies between the brands.

Immediately, the Jet Edge and Air Hamburg fleets provide more capacity for company clients.

Air Hamburg had been mainly focused on the wholesale market. Jet Edge only launched its Reserve program last year, although it quickly sold over $100 million in memberships.

The Jet Edge fleet, like VistaJet, is exclusively super midsize and large cabin jets.

Its XO Global brokerage utilizes the Red Wing light and midsize fleet, the super-midsize fleet operated by XOJet Aviation, and Talon Air to fulfill flights. It also uses a network of third-party operators.

A spokesperson said there are no program changes at any of the brands, at least for now.

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