Vista Global joins Nicholas Air, FlyExclusive adding repair rescue aircraft

By Doug Gollan, July 12, 2022

Vista Global has added two rescue aircraft to fly parts and mechanics to its private jets when they have mechanical issues away from the base

One cause for private jet delays is aircraft repair delays when they have mechanical issues away from their base.

Normally, operators engage local MROs. However, staff and logistics shortages often mean parts and technicians aren’t immediately available. That means the airplane sits, and booked flights must be canceled.

Nicholas Air pioneered a solution, buying a Caravan to fly parts and its mechanics to stranded airplanes. By doing so, it has maintained reliability and avoided inconvenience.

Last Fall, FlyExclusive added a small airplane for similar missions, and now so has Vista Global.

In an interview with CNBC, Chairman Thomas Flohr “We just acquired two small aircraft to carry our parts around ourselves to get to an airplane if a part is needed. Sometimes, you can’t depend anymore on the providers of the world logistics.”

Vista’s operators include XOJet Aviation, Red Wing Aviation, Talon Air, Air Hamburg, JetEdge, and of course, VistaJet.

Vista didn’t respond to questions about where the recovery aircraft are based. It has operations globally, although mainly in the U.S. and Europe.

Since last summer, when demand began setting record levels, private jet operators have dealt with supply chain, supply, and labor issues.

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