FlyExclusive is enabling members to donate flight hours to fly critically ill children via a new partnership with AeroAngel

Leading charter operator FlyExclusive is partnering AeroAngel to provide free flights for children traveling to life-saving medical care.

Through the partnership, FlyExclusive is giving members of its Jet Club the opportunity to donate tax-deductible funds or flight hours from their memberships to provide flights for AeroAngel children on flyExclusive’s aircraft.

Based in Denver, AeroAngel was founded by attorney and commercial pilot Mark Pestal.

Pestal saw an opportunity to leverage his passion for aviation and desire to help others. AeroAngels uses professional pilots to fly high-performance aircraft for children in need of life-saving care.

The organization offers flights primarily to critically ill children. It targets children who cannot fly on a commercial airline flight due to their medical conditions.

AeroAngel has impacted more than 250 children through more than $2.5 million in in-kind donations over 11 years.

“FlyExclusive is a values-driven company, and none of our values is more important than being part of a larger cause,” said Tommy Sowers, President of the North Carolina-based operator.

He continued, “We are building something that matters to make a lasting, positive dent in the world. By partnering with AeroAngel, we’re giving our Jet Club Members an invaluable opportunity to contribute to an organization that exemplifies this value as they make distant, life-saving medical care possible for children with no other safe travel option.”

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