Wheels Up expands pilot pipeline hiring initiatives

By Doug Gollan, August 9, 2022

After partnering with Delta Air Lines last month, Wheels Up is adding a partnership with Propel College to build its pipeline of pilots

Wheels Up has partnered up with ATP flight school Propel College to offer graduates a streamlined pathway to First Officer positions with the company.

Amid the growing demand for commercial pilots, the partnership allows Wheels Up to recruit from ATP’s student and instructor group of 2,400 pilots while providing ATP graduates with expanded opportunities for professional development and progression.

Under the partnership, eligible ATP flight instructors can interview with Wheels Up at 1,000 hours total time.

Successful applicants receive a conditional job offer while continuing to build flight experience.

Upon reaching 1,200 hours of flight time, instructors transition from ATP to Wheels Up as King Air 350, Citation CJ3, or Beechjet 400 First Officers.

“With demand for professional pilots at peak levels, ATP is committed and excited to work with our airline and corporate aviation partners to develop scalable pilot hiring solutions,” said Michael Arnold, Director of Marketing, ATP Flight School.

He added, “We’re proud to partner with Wheels Up and bring this opportunity to our graduates, providing them with yet another accelerated pathway to quickly establish their career at a leading carrier.”

“ATP is a fantastic flight school with world-class instructors and a fast-paced program that allowed me to seamlessly transition to flying for one of the largest private aviation companies in the world,” said Gui Canto, Captain, Wheels Up.

He noted, “At Wheels Up, I’ve been able to gain significant experience beyond the flight deck – and most importantly – continue to develop my skills and further my career at a great company.”

Students receive the certification and resources they need to become a professional pilots at a fixed cost and on an accelerated timeline.

ATP has placed over 1,250 pilots with airlines and corporate operators in the last 12 months.

Last month, Wheels Up announced a similar partnership with Delta Air Lines.

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