XO adds lifestyle partnership with Lacure

By Doug Gollan, October 26, 2022

Vista Global’s XO private jet provider has added private villa rental agency Lacure to its roster of lifestyle partners

XO is adding luxury villa provider Lacure to its lineup of lifestyle partnerships.

In celebration of their collaboration, the partners have dubbed a private island in the Grenadines XO Private Island.

XO private jet members have exclusive access to the island, including two private residences and three beachside cottages, which are surrounded by Caribbean ocean views, white sand beaches, rainforests, and coral reefs.

Members of the Vista Global unit who combine a Lacure villa with their XO private jet flights receive complimentary ground transportation, personalized experiences, including personal chefs, fitness instructors, concierge credits, and complimentary access to the Lacure Insider Membership Program.

“This is the type of rare partnership that defines XO experiences beyond the jet,” says Lynn Fischer, Chief Marketing Officer at XO.

She adds, “We always want to offer our members the utmost in elevated travel, hospitality, and location. Now XO Members not only have the opportunity to experience private villas in exquisite locations across the globe, but we can also uniquely offer them an entire private island experience.”

Brandon Weaver, Lacure’s Chief Commercial Officer, adds, “Lacure makes once-in-a-lifetime travel the standard. All our properties combine the most personalized luxury hotel experience with the tranquility and privacy of a luxury villa or even an entire island.”

He adds, “We are so pleased to name this private island destination XO Island. There is little else that compares.”

Lacure offers villa rentals globally, including in Europe, Asia, and South America.  

Other partners, according to the XO website, include Apollo Yachts, Casa de Campo, Monticello Motor Club, and Avis.

XO recently retooled its membership offerings to focus on dynamic pricing with guaranteed availability. It also added to its by-the-seat flights between Miami and New York.

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