High-touch broker Amalfi Jets adds a membership option to its jet card

2020 start-up private jet charter broker Amalfi Jets has added a pay-as-you-go membership option to its fixed-rate jet card program.

By Doug Gollan, December 21, 2022

2020 start-up private jet charter broker Amalfi Jets has added a pay-as-you-go membership option to its fixed-rate jet card program

Los Angeles-based Amalfi Jets, launched in 2020, has added a pay-as-you-go membership option as it continues its high-touch approach to service.

Founder and CEO Kolin Jones tells Private Jet Card Comparisons the addition to its jet cards is to position the broker with clients who need supplemental lift but also want guaranteed availability at fixed hourly rates.

The membership option, which debuted at the end of the summer, has garnered 53 sign-ups so far.

According to Jones, Amalfi’s card program, which requires a $50,000 deposit, recently cracked the 100-member mark.

As a start-up, he says having a low entry barrier is paying off with clients who don’t want to put down around $200,000 for 25 hours in a light jet.

Another benefit is Amalfi’s jet card is refundable, less a 15% fee. So far, Jones says only one client has asked for a refund.

Its membership option offers the same fixed-hourly rates (light jets are $7,500 per hour, including FET) but requires a one-off $2,500 joining fee and $500 per month membership, which can be canceled month to month.

Both Amalfi programs guarantee availability across five aircraft size categories. There are two large cabin options.

For flights in the Continental U.S., membership requires seven days of non-peak booking notice, while cards are 96 hours non-peak.

Expansive Primary Service Area

Another difference is membership rates apply to the U.S. and Canada, which includes Hawaii and Alaska at a 25% surcharge.

However, jet card customers get an expansive primary service area where fixed hourly rates apply. It includes Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States. Excluded are overseas territories; Tahiti and Puerto Rico are examples.

Jones confirms that the fixed rates apply to trans-oceanic flights between PSA countries, making it very interesting for international flyers.

You can also fly to or from a PSA nation to a non-PSA country for a 25% premium.

There are a couple of downsides, including around 90 peak days, two-hour minimums across all jet categories, a short leg surcharge for flights under 500 nautical miles, and a 100% cancelation penalty for one-way bookings.

Jones says that Amalfi does try to negotiate refunds when there are cancellations and hopes it will be able to gain preferred terms with operators as it builds volume.

Amalfi’s Different Approach

While still a small player – it has eight full-time employees, Jones says even as a broker, he is trying to create a unique experience to differentiate Amalfi from big players and the masses.

70% of Private Jet Card Comparisons subscribers say they are open to working with boutique/small providers.

Amalfi provides black car service on both ends of the flight, and catering is included with no preset limits.

He says clients appreciate the perks, and nobody has made excessive orders.

Amalfi also taps aviation college Embry-Riddle, where Jones is an alum for talent.

He says he is often shocked by other brokers who don’t know the differences between airplane types and their capabilities.

“We want our account managers to be able to explain differences because they know the difference,” he says.

Amalfi account managers carry double duty as salespeople and then as point-of-contact for bookings, which is designed to build deep relationships.

The company also continues to fly representatives to meet and greet all departures.

Yes, you heard that correctly. An Amalfi rep flies to your departure to prep the airplane with specified amenities, check catering, and greet you.

“We don’t want to have customers texting us from 2,000 miles away, saying, ‘I can’t find my pilot,'” he says.

Jones says the white glove service pays off during holidays and busy FBOs.

“Last year in St. Maarten, over 100 people were looking for their pilots, which was an overwhelming situation for everyone. But our representative was there, met our customers. They were on their airplane in minutes. Afterward, there were customers from the big players, and they were asking our representative about our service,” he says.

Series A Raise

Jones says Amalfi is on track for around $3.5 million in sales this year, double last year.

He is in the initial stages of a Series A raise. The CEO hopes will generate around $10 million to scale the business.

Proceeds will be used to develop an app for customers, more support for its concierge services, and ensure Amalfi can maintain its high-touch approach as it expands.

“We had one customer ask us where he could find a specific Rolex Daytona watch, and we did it,” he says.

Asked about continuing the meet and greet service as Amalfi grows, Jones says, “There are 27,000 other things I would get rid of first. Even though it’s just three minutes with the customer, they love it. Everything is ready when they show up.”

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