Private jet provider Wheels up announces its Pantone color debut and the official trademark of the brand’s iconic UP Blue

Wheels Up’s well-recognized blue is now official.

According to a press release from the New York-based private aviation provider, “The Wheels Up signature blue has been instantly recognizable on airport runways for nearly a decade, and now it has been recognized by the world’s foremost authority on color, making it the first – and only – private aviation company to have its own signature Pantone color.”

Wheels Up

“Today we’re proud to announce that UP Blue has it is own signature Pantone color, joining other iconic, global brands and demonstrating the power and value of the investments we’ve made in our brand,” said Lee Applbaum, Chief Marketing Officer at Wheels Up.

He added, “UP Blue is an intrinsic part of our identity and represents both the extraordinary possibilities we bring to life every day and the strong, enduring connections we have with our members and customers. Working with Pantone is a validation of the lasting power of the Wheels Up brand as we continue to grow and evolve.”

From the release: “UP Blue’s reassuring presence inspires feelings of calm and confidence, sending a message of blue skies and tailwinds. Symbolic of a boundless blue sky, UP Blue signifies the vast possibilities that flying with Wheels Up enables. A timeless and enduring blue hue with an accessible demeanor, UP Blue’s relatable style brings people together.”

The deal with Pantone is “the next step in Wheels Up’s strategic approach to becoming a household lifestyle name.”

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