4Air launches Assure SAF Registry

The blockchain-based web registry from 4Air protects commercially sensitive data and prevents fraud and double-counting SAF credits.

By Doug Gollan, May 25, 2023

The blockchain-based web registry from 4Air protects commercially sensitive data and prevents fraud and double-counting SAF credits

4Air has launched Assure SAF Registry, a blockchain-based web registry designed to document, trace and account for the sustainability attributes of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, referred to as SAF.

The Assure SAF Registry provides complete transparency about the type of SAF purchased, the feedstock used the blend of the fuel, and any sustainability certifications earned or regulatory programs for which the fuel may be eligible.

The registry is designed for both physical and book and claim supply chains of SAF and will simplify inventory accounting and prevent double counting of benefits.

It also protects suppliers’ commercially sensitive and confidential data.

By uniquely addressing a SAF tracking need for fuel suppliers, FBOs, airlines, and operators, within the physical supply chain, the registry can unlock the opportunity for a robust book and claim tracking system as well, according to the announcement.

“Most SAF today comes from one to two different feedstocks with a narrow range of blends. As SAF expands to new feedstocks and higher blends, transparency about the fuel and where it came from will be critical in efforts to scale its use across the industry, including both business and commercial aviation,” said Kennedy Ricci, President of 4Air.

He added, “Assure SAF Registry will provide a key piece of infrastructure for the transparent scale-up of SAF in aviation, providing transparency to emission claims around SAF while maximizing the value for the operator.”

Leveraging the expertise gained through the documentation of 5.8 million gallons of SAF over the last two years, 4Air created a registry that addresses the most challenging pain points found when tracing the usage of SAF.

Usually, SAF is co-mingled in airport pipelines or fuel farms under mass balance or book and claim chains of custody, making it laborious to document, particularly when trying to retain information for regulatory claims from the use of the fuel.

The Assure SAF Registry serializes each unit of fuel and is linked to a specific owner and batch of SAF.

This ensures that only one owner can claim a specific quantity of fuel and that sustainability characteristics are consistently and accurately communicated through various owners, providing confidence in the ownership and emissions accounting up and down the SAF supply chain.

Pilot programs will help the platform to automate integrations with supplier systems, eliminating the need for much of the manual reporting and accounting.

In addition, a pilot program with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) will seek recognition within the RSB Book & Claim System and work towards ecosystem harmonization and a credible claim for customers.

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