Airshare enrolls in Air Charter Safety Foundation safety program

After adding Wheels Up’ managed fleet, Airshare is enrolling its entire fleet in ASAP.

By Doug Gollan, October 9, 2023

Airshare has enrolled its entire fractional fleet and managed aircraft in the Air Charter Safety Foundation’s Aviation Safety Action Program, or ASAP.

The move comes a week after the Kansas City-based operator completed its acquisition of Wheels Up’s management arm, bringing an additional managed aircraft into its fleet.

The ASAP is administered in conjunction with ACSF and the FAA.

Aviation Safety Action Program

ASAP is a voluntary, non-punitive reporting program designed to help operators create a culture of safety, one in which aviation professionals feel comfortable reporting issues to help improve overall safety in the industry.

Key elements of the plan include:

  • Reporting and Analysis: The ASAP encourages pilots and other aviation professionals to report safety concerns, incidents, or potential issues without fear of punitive actions. This reporting helps to identify and address safety hazards and concerns promptly.
  • Confidentiality: ASAP reports are kept confidential to the extent allowed by law, protecting individuals from disciplinary action or other negative consequences related to their reporting.
  • Safety Improvement: By collecting and analyzing safety data, the program helps identify trends, issues, and areas for improvement within the air charter industry.
  • Cooperation: The ASAP is a cooperative effort among three stakeholders—the operator, the ACSF, and the Federal Aviation Administration—ensuring that safety concerns are addressed effectively and collaboratively.
  • Corrective Actions: When a reporter identifies a safety concern or trend, the collective stakeholder group will recommend that the operator implement appropriate corrective actions to mitigate risks and enhance safety.
  • Compliance: To join the ACSF ASAP, participating air charter operators must meet specific criteria and requirements established by the ACSF and the FAA. This includes adherence to safety protocols and a commitment to reporting and addressing safety concerns.

Airshare ranked as the 11th-largest private jet operator through June based on charter and fractional flight hours.

Airshare expansion

Earlier this year, it expanded its primary service area to Florida.

It is also adding to its super-midsize fleet with Bombardier Challenger jets.

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