Nicholas Air opens Nashville passenger and maintenance facility

The new facility enables Nicholas Air to expand its remote aircraft maintenance and detailing programs.

By Doug Gollan, December 4, 2023

Nicholas Air has opened a maintenance facility and private lounge for its jet card program members at Nashville International Airport.

The new BNA facility enables it to expand its remote maintenance capability and network of aircraft detailing vehicles.

The 10th largest charter/fractional operator in the U.S., Nicholas Air, has a Caravan it uses to expedite maintenance away from its bases.

It also operates a dozen detailing vehicles.

The trucks visit airplanes when they are not at a base and while they are parked overnight to provide a high level of cleaning.

Nicholas Air CEO N.J. Correnti tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “Expanding our maintenance footprint into Nashville has been met with excitement from our current team but with more excitement from the many technicians and maintenance leaders in that area who really desire to work with Nicholas Air. They know the quality standards that come with the Nicholas Air name that makes them want to be a part of our brand, but they also see our investment in Nashville as one of strength and stability, something that is rarely found in aviation.”

He continued, “We’ve committed to the industry that we will always find the best opportunities for growth, but to do it responsibly and in a way that always showcases why we are such a desired destination for those serious about their career.”

According to the most recent survey of Private Jet Card Comparisons’ subscribers, 90.9% rated Nicholas Air Excellent or Very Good for satisfaction.

For the second straight year, it had the lowest percentage of subscribers who left the program.

The flight provider has three different jet card programs.

Its fleet features the Phenom 100 and 300, Citation CJ3 and Latitude, and Challenger 300/350.

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