How much fuel do private jets use?

With private jet charter operators, jet cards, and membership providers imposing fuel surcharges, many of you are asking how much fuel do private jets burn per hour?

The answer is that it varies quite a bit.

According to Conklin & de Decker, the ultra-long-range Bombardier Global 7500 burns 528 gallons per hour. The Embraer Phenom 300 light jet gulps 183 gallons per hour.

Looking at light jets as a category, for example, they can consume anywhere between 134 and 222 gallons of jet fuel per hour based on the type of aircraft.

Jet Fuel Cost by Aircraft Cabin Size

Private Jet
Aircraft Size
Gallons Per Hour –
Gallons Per Hour –
Super Midsize256386
Source: Conklin & deDecker/JSSI

Jet Fuel Cost Calculator

The cost of fueling your private jet can vary significantly. For example, on May 11, 2022, the IATA per gallon price was $4.82 in North America, $4.01 in Europe, and $3.55 in Asia.

At Boston’s Hanscomb Field Jet A was selling between $9.79 and $13.38 per gallon. In Oklahoma City it was as low as $7.05 per gallon.

In other words, what your provider is paying is going to vary. An operator based at a high-cost airport will end up paying more.

The Jet Fuel Cost Cost Calculator below allows you to compare up to five different specific private aircraft types. Just enter the current Jet Fuel cost in dollars and cents, for example, 4.86, and the calculator will automatically calculate per hour fuel cost based on Conklin & de Decker estimates. Additionally, using a base price of $2.00 per gallon, it will calculate an estimated per hour fuel surcharge for each aircraft type. Below the calculator are links to IATA’s fuel monitor and Air Nav where you can find fuel costs by the airport.

Current prices for jet fuel

By airport:

Enter the airport and scroll to FBO, Fuel Providers, and Aircraft Ground Support

Below, you will find the fuel consumption per hour for various very light, light, midsize, super-midsize, large cabin, ultra-long-haul private jets, and turboprops.

You can review the variations below.

Private Jet Fuel Consumption By Aircraft Type

Aircraft TypeAircraft SizeFuel Consumption/Hour
Airbus ACJ319 neoVIP Airliner 603
Boeing BBJ 737VIP Airliner758
Challenger 300Super Midsize295
Challenger 350Super Midsize297
Challenger 604Large Cabin358
Challenger 650Large Cabin329
Challenger 850Large Cabin346
Cirrus Vision SF50Very Light Jet81
Citation I/ISPLight Jet160
Citation BravoLight Jet170
Citation CJ1Light Jet134
Citation CJ2Light Jet141
Citation CJ3Light Jet149
Citation CJ3+Light Jet148
Citation CJ4Light Jet209
Citation EncoreLight Jet205
Citation ExcelMidsize Jet250
Citation LatitudeSuper Midsize315
Citation LongitudeSuper Midsize316
Citation M2Very Light Jet134
Citation MustangVery Light Jet90
Citation SovereignSuper Midsize281
Citation XSuper Midsize386
Citation X+Super Midsize400
Citation XLSMidsize Jet239
Eclipse 500Very Light Jet76
Falcon 2000Large Cabin287
Falcon 2000EXLarge Cabin284
Falcon 50EXSuper Midsize319
Falcon 7XLarge Cabin385
Falcon 900Large Cabin335
Global 5000Ultra Long Range506
Global 5500Ultra Long Range472
Global 6000Ultra Long Range512
Global 7500Ultra Long Range528
Global ExpressLarge Cabin535
Global Express XRSLarge Cabin532
Gulfstream G150Super Midsize228
Gulfstream G200Super Midsize278
Gulfstream G280Super Midsize286
Gulfstream G350Large517
Gulfstream G450Large Cabin517
Gulfstream G500Large Cabin455
Gulfstream G550Ultra Long Range438
Gulfstream G650Ultra Long Range498
Gulfstream G650ERUltra Long Range503
Gulfstream GIVSPLarge Cabin540
Hawker 4000Super Midsize321
Hawker 400XPLight Jet222
Hawker 800XPMidsize Jet291
Hawker 850XPMidsize Jet298
Honda Jet Very Light Jet120
Honda Jet EliteVery Light Jet118
King Air 200Turboprop113
King Air 350iTurboprop136
King Air 360Turboprop136
Learjet 31ALight Jet202
Learjet 35ALight Jet229
LearJet 45Midsize Jet205
Learjet 45XRMidsize Jet227
Learjet 55Midsize Jet252
Learjet 60Midsize Jet219
Learjet 70Midsize Jet198
Learjet 75Midsize Jet199
Legacy 450Midsize Jet285
Legacy 500Super Midsize287
Legacy 650Large Cabin380
Nextant 400XTiLight Jet151
Phenom 100Very Light Jet113
Phenom 100EVery Light Jet113
Phenom 300Light Jet183
Phenom 300ELight Jet183
Piaggio P180Turboprop136
Pilatus PC-12Turboprop76
Pilatus PC-12NGTurboprop77
Pilatus PC-24Light Jet191
Praetor 500Midsize Jet248
Praetor 600Super Midsize256
Source: Conklin & deDecker/JSSI

Multiply fuel consumption per hour in gallons times the current per-gallon cost of jet fuel to figure out fuel cost per hour.

Methodology and Variables

Keep in mind that the cost of fuel varies by airport and state.

To calculate fuel burn per hour, Conklin & de Decker uses fight manuals with recommended cruise speed to calculate fuel burn per hour, including start, taxi, and take-off fuel. Calculations assume two pilots and four passengers. However, temperature, weight, based on the number of passengers and baggage, length of flight, and other factors impact actual burn. Operators may have their own different estimates of hourly fuel consumption based on actual operating data.

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