Private jets are here to stay for nearly all new since Covid-19 users

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94% of all flyers who started using private aviation since Covid-19 plan to keep flying privately for the future

New research from Private Jet Card Comparisons affirms that once you fly privately, it’s hard to return to the regular airlines.

Argus expects private jet flying to stay 15-20% above pre-Covid levels

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In a report covering the first half of 2022, Argus Traqpak analysts say despite slowing growth, private jet flight activity will finish the year up to 20% ahead of 2019 levels

Despite “cooling,” private jet flight activity will end 2022 up some 15-20% ahead of 2019 pre-Covid pandemic levels, according to Argus Traqpak analysts.

Covid travel restrictions will continue to drive private jet usage

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76% of countries still have some type of Covid travel restrictions in place, according to the International Air Transport Association

Covid travel restrictions are continuing to drive travelers to private jets. What’s more, Air Charter Service predicts lingering barriers will boost the private aviation charter market for the next two years.

Sentient Jet adds instant text booking; provides outlook for 2022

Sentient Jet

The new text booking provides an automatic confirmation. It enables Sentient members to bypass calling or having to download its app

Sentient CEO Andrew Collins details program changes, including High Demand dates and a waiting period for new members

With jet card and membership companies struggling to keep up with demand, Directional Aviation’s Sentient Jet will soon allow customers to book and receive instant confirmations via text message.

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