The government’s decision to suspend its Covid mask mandate after a U.S. District Judge in Florida struck it down extends to FBOs and private jet charter flights

The U.S. government has suspended the Covid mandate requiring masks to be worn in FBOs and on private jet charter flights.

President Joseph Biden issued the Covid mask mandate Executive Order in January 2021 after taking office.

Earlier today, U.S. District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle ruled that the Center for Disease Control had not adequately explained its decision and failed to follow rulemaking procedures.

FBOs and private jet charter operators were covered by the Executive Order, which targeted airlines and airport terminals.

It did not impact Part 91 operations. However, all passengers had to wear masks in the private jet terminals and aboard flights operated under Part 135 rules.

Major airlines immediately dropped their mask requirements, and it’s expected private jet operators will follow suit.

Update on April 20, 2022: After the CDC said it “believes this is a lawful order, well within CDC’s legal authority to protect public health,” the Justice Department filed a Notice of Appeal.

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